Thursday, August 13, 2015

Three-fer Thursday! {Homework!!!}

Happy Thursday!

It's my 3rd day of teaching summer school and it's kinda nice to be back in the swing of things!

Today the 3-fer is all about homework.

I believe it's important for students to practice their skills at home.  It's also a way that parents can support classroom learning... but, sometimes, it's difficult for students to complete their homework.  They get busy or lazy or forget or the dog eats it!

But, having a "homework club" is a cheap incentive to encourage students to be responsible for their learning outside of school.

I allow my students 1 "oops" a month.  But, a 2nd homework assignment not completed means they must flip their number over in the chart.  At the end of the month, anyone still in the club eats lunch in the room with me, receives a certificate and a homework pass, and gets their name on a sign posted outside of the door.

My Homework Club pack is 20% off today and has everything you need to get this started with your class!

Add some extra fun with these themed homework passes!  The Homework Club pack contains homework passes but I love this themed pack because I give them out for holidays and birthdays!  A homework pass is the same as completing homework so my students often save these and use them on those busy nights or their "oops"!  Also 20% off today!

Last item of 3-fer Thursday is "Show What You Know"... technically this is cheating because this makes more than 3 items but these are PERFECT for homework {I use them for morning work}... weekly checks for math and grammar that spiral all year and contain an opportunity to respond to questions by writing about math/grammar!

Ok!  Enjoy this week's 3-fer Thursday!  Get your HOMEWORK ON!

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  1. The Homework Club pack isn't showing as 20% off on TPT... maybe it's just me??


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