Monday, August 10, 2015

Glitter Day!

Glitter!  Did I get your attention?

I just added the LAST pack of partner plays to the growing bundle.  It's all grown up now and is officially a fully grown partner play bundle!

The last pack has partner plays that are conversations at school...

The play called "Glitter Day!"... well, it may have been extremely late at night and I may have been just a tad bit tired.  But, with that said...

I LOVE this one.  It's a conversation between a teacher and a very understanding school custodian about the school's use of glitter... all classrooms in one day!  Thank goodness for amazing school custodians who keep our rooms clean and don't mind sweeping up after GLITTER DAY!

The other conversations are:

-Check it Out!  A conversation between a student and the librarian
-Going on a Field Trip  A conversation between a teacher and a bus driver
-What's on the Menu?  A conversation between a lunch lady and a student
-Glitter Day!  See above!
-Visit with the Principal  A conversation between a student and the principal

If you've purchased the bundle, please re-download.  You can also access your exclusive FREE partner play {Birthday Chore Day!} that is only available in the bundle!

I am going to leave the bundle at the current price ($22.00) until midnight tonight.  Then it will increase to the final price of $24, which is still $6.00 less than buying them individually... it's basically buy ten sets get two sets free!

Click the picture to learn more:

And don't forget to check out yesterday's blog post to enter to win Common Core connected reading response tasks for your grade level!  I'm going to give away two sets!  Click the pic below to head over to enter!


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