Monday, August 17, 2015

New Kids on the Block {The Group and Products and a Weird Chance to WIN!}

I'm going to make it my goal to casually use as many NKOTB song titles as I can in this blog post, thus the weird chance to win... so keep reading!

So, NKOTB the group.  I saw them twice over the summer.  TWICE.

First, my wonderful, amazing, beautiful friend of the last 21 years took me to see them about an hour from where we live.  Then I got my wonderful, amazing, beautiful, so lucky to be co-workers friend to go with me to see them in Cleveland... about four hours from where we live!

And it was amazing both times.  PS- TLC and Nelly were there too and I forgot how insanely talented they all are!

Joey Joe!  I was going to marry him when I was a kid.  Like seriously marry.

Me and my dearest dearest friend of 21 years... we got all 80s up with bright lipstick... we even crimped our hair!

Joe sang "Please Don't Go Girl" and it was amazing.  Did I mention that already?

That explicit song reference doesn't count... so, the first person to comment with the correct number of song references from here on out, can have any one item mentioned in this post (with the exception of the product bundles) for free!!!!!!!


NOW!  I'll even help you out for the first few...

So, tonight {casual song title #1} I have been working' tough {small reference to song title... counts as #2} on finishing up a new product.  One of my very own "New Kids on the Block" and I think it's a GREAT ONE!

An Interactive Reading Notebook!!!!!  It's set up just like my Writer's Notebooks- with a "Teach Me" page and "My Turn" page... I think you're going to LOVE this!  Click the pic to check it out!

Please don't go, girl.  Come and see the next new product!  There's another TpT sale going on this week and I don't want you to miss out on these new goodies!

I have a new "line" of task card products for writing!  Click the pic to check them out.  So far, there are sets for the four seasons as well as a set with prompts for responding to a text.  At just $2 a set, it's got the right stuff to get your kiddos doing some authentic writing with choice!

Another new set... these are my favorite, girl.  {See what I did there?}

Common Core Reading Response Tasks... available for grades 2, 3, 4, AND 5!  Click the pic to check them out!

And I can't end this blog post without sharing one of my other favorites.  I've been using these in summer school and the kiddos LOVE them!  Ten sets of Partner Plays to choose from or a money saving bundle that gets you two sets FREE and one bonus play!  Your students will be loving these forever!

Call it what you want, but time is on our side.  You still have two days to get your shopping cart ready at TpT!  Don't forget to use the code MORE15 at checkout to get an EXTRA savings!!!!  My store will be 20% off!

I remember when the sale ended earlier this month and I found more goodies I needed... so I'm pretty psyched for this sale boost day.  I have a funny feeling that some of you probably feel the same way!  {And thanks to Deana Kahlenberg for the cute button!}

If you made it this far, thanks for playing along with my weird chance to win.  I had a great time hiding those song references in this post!  If you care to play along, comment with the number of song references and, the first person correct, can have their choice of one of my new products (sorry, not the bundles though!)

Good luck!


  1. You are adorable! I found 6 =) *fingers crossed*

    1. OMG- YOU are adorable. Bethany Armstrong doesn't have to try to win anything from my blog. You say the word and I send it to you! Also... not 6!

  2. Replies
    1. You got it, Tina! You can e-mail me with your choice of item and I'll send it to you!


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