Friday, August 21, 2015

The One Dollar Motivator!

Do you (can you?) use candy in class?  I don't give out tons of sugary treats, as I really try and help my students become intrinsically motivated to work hard, have pride, and make good choices... but, every year, I do invest one dollar in something that is a MEGA motivator to my kiddos...

A giant box of "Nerds" candy...

This is a dollar well spent.  The first week of school, I give out ONE, UNO, singular Nerd when students make good choices.  Students can earn ONE, UNO, singular Nerd on Monday mornings when they turn in their homework sheet with parent initials on each night for the previous week.  Sometimes, if participation is down, I just shake my container of Nerds and everyone sits up a little straighter and talks a little louder... for ONE Nerd!

Would you be able to do this?  Do you think it would work for you?

One tiny Nerd!  Sometimes it's just the motivator my kiddos need!


  1. I like your ideas for the Nerds. Another one I thought about was to give one to students at the end of the first week, to say "Thank You," for a great first week. Or, to a student or two who have worked hard at following the class rules; made the most improvement in an area that was a challenge at the beginning of the week, etc.
    Your Teacher Assistant

  2. Great idea! I think I'm gonna try it and see what happens.

  3. My kids last year would do anything for a goldfish (cracker).

  4. 1 tiny sugar fix is a great motivator. I've used smarties, and now they have MINI starbursts. That is my treat to the kids at the end of the day if they have earned at least 10 Class Dojo Points. I need to buy some Nerds and shake the box to see what happens. Love it!! Linda's Learning Loot


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