Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Birthday Sale!

Today's my b-day!

To celebrate, everything is 20% off at my TpT store!

My students were super sweet.  I got lots of pictures, apples, and well wishes throughout the day.  And my hubby sent me beautiful flowers to school and got me tickets to see the musical "Sister Act" in Chicago next month!  Not that I've ever mentioned it (a million times) on here, but I am a HUGE musical fanatic!  I also love me some "Sister Act"... so I'm super geeked!

Happy October 3rd to you!!!


  1. Sending you birthday hugs and hoping all your wishes come true.
    My Second Sense

  2. Happy birthday to you! It's my birthday too! So glad I share it with one of my blogging inspirations!

    Swimming into Second

  3. Happy birthday! Can I just tell you how excited I am that Wicked, The Lion King, and Mary Poppins are all coming to Dallas next year??!? I want to see them all! Have fun seeing Sister Act!

  4. Happy Birthday! Wow we have the same birthday! Isn't October 3rd a great day? :)


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