Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Singular and Plural Nouns... something free and something new!

Can you tell what my current grammar unit is?

Between today's title and the new fairy tale nouns game I posted about earlier this week, you've probably guessed it... we're learning about NOUNS!

Next week is singular and plural nouns so we'll be going trick-or-treating through the halls, looking for singular and plural nouns!  I'll be putting up 20 noun cards and 4 "TRICK" cards.  Students will roam the halls searching for the nouns.  On their recording sheet, they'll mark an S for the singular noun cards and a P for plural nouns... I'm hoping the "TRICKS" will make them think they've found a word... but as they approach it, they'll see the card says "TRICK" instead of giving a word they need!  Bwa ha ha ha!

I've just added that new activity to TpT!  Just click the pic below for more info!

 Find it on TpT!

We'll also be doing a singular and plural page puzzle.  I *heart* page puzzles.

Here's how they work- I'll be copying the page on colored paper, cutting out the pieces, and putting them in a baggie.  Each group will get one baggie.  On my signal, they'll take out the pieces and try to put them back together by matching up each singular noun with its correct plural version.

Here's the kicker... I have distractors in there to try and trick them.  So, they really have to know how to go between plural and singular versions to get it done correctly.  The first group with the correct completed page puzzle will get something like a Nerd.  Will yours kids do anything for one Nerd or is it just me?

Just click the pic below for the page puzzle... it's an activity best tried rather than explained.  I hope it makes sense!


  1. Always a fan of a good page puzzle! Thanks for sharing, as always!

    Hello Mrs Sykes

  2. Cute activities as always! I'd love to see your post on my Linky Party- Halloween Linky Party Stop by when you have a chance! Thanks!

  3. I just found your blog and really LOVE it! All of your ideas are so useful! Can't wait to see all of your future posts! I will definitely be stopping back by! BTW I do the same thing with candy! They just get *one* but they sure to treasure that *one* piece! =)
    Shannon Moyer


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