Saturday, July 18, 2015

Partner Reading Center- Sneak Peek {and a freebie rewind!}

Yesterday I spent quite a bit of time in my room and got SO much done!  Final room reveal pics are coming soon but I HAD to share a picture of my partner reading center.

I had one of these when I taught my 1st/2nd split class but, since moving schools and changing to 3rd, I didn't have space in my room for one.  BUT, I just switched classrooms and was able to make a space!

I love partner reading but I think it's easy for students to get off task without materials that help guide their reading and discussion.  These materials do exactly that.  My partner reading area has tasks for students to complete while reading (see #1) to help guide and give purpose to their discussion, explicitly posted expectations (#2), and even books that are specifically designed for 2 students to read together (#3)!

Check it out...

So... here's what's at my partner reading table...

1- this caddy has everything from my "Partner Reading Party" pack in it... comprehension spinners, retelling cards, and fluency reading helpers.  It also has Hot Dots comprehension stories.  This is something new that I think my kiddos will adore!

2- I printed this sign on Vistaprint years ago!  I was so excited to pull it back out and put it up at my area!

3- Loads of books that are perfect for partners to read together...

My kiddos LOVE the "You Read to Me, I'll Read to You" books...

These are so so so fun too... silly song books like this one!  Kids "sing" poems to the tune of well-known songs!

And we LOVE LOVE LOVE "Choose your own adventure" books!

And there are quite a few poetry books like this one that have poems for two voices...

4- Crate seats!  I made these a few summers ago.  This summer I re-covered the boards and stuck some dryer sheets under the fabric.  I store all kinds of goodies in these crates.  One of these has craft supplies and my kiddos love using them to do projects during our free choice activities!

I'm sure my 3rd graders are going to LOVE having this designated area to go to and read with a partner.  The past three years, I've just had the caddy and the book basket available to them but no specific place to go to read.  I think having a sacred space will encourage them to partner read with accountability!  Of course, they can always gather materials and go sit somewhere else to read... but I think they'll love being at this table!

So... you should set up a partner reading area in your room!  To help, I'm going to leave my "Partner Reading Party" on sale for $1 off until Monday.  It's a great pack with loads of engaging activities!

Check them out...

And now for the FREEBIE rewind!

This would be an EXCELLENT way to start out a partner reading area... especially to help guide students as they discuss the books they are reading together.

This is called Flip It! and it's a way to help students structure responses to questions by including the question in the answer.  I have shared this before, so it might look familiar, but I thought it would be a great rewind for a post like this one!

Check it out on TpT and snag it for free!  Please leave feedback if you enjoy it!

How do you encourage accountability during partner reading?  Share your ideas in the comments!

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  1. I have this product and I need to get it right back out! my kids need some guidance!


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