Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Small Group Binders {Organization and Ideas!}

Every year it seems I start out the year with a goal... this year, it's ORGANIZATION.  I'm a pretty organized person but, when I moved classrooms earlier this summer, I weeded out SO much stuff.  It was NUTS!  Having less stuff is terrifying to me.  I love my stuff.  I need my stuff!  But, I also hadn't touched much of that stuff since moving to 3rd grade 3 years ago so, it was time for it to GO.

In my quest to become uber organized with my remaining stuff, I have created two binders that organize many of my reading passages that connect to standards.  I use these things when teaching my small groups.

Hence, my RL and RI small group binders were born!  This post shows off some of what's inside and gives nods to some of my TpT favs!

So, here are my two binders...

Each one is full of page protectors (my addiction!) and has sticky note tabs to denote the sections for each CCSS standard...

At the start of each section is a full sheet that spells out the "I can" statements for each standard...

And, then, come the goodies!

The RL binder has the passages from my small group packs-

And reading passages from Readworks.org which, if you aren't signed up for, you need to!  The top page below is from ReadWorks and the bottom is from my 3rd grade small group pack.

That is primarily what makes up the RL binder- Readworks and pages from my RL pack.

My RI binder has some AMAZING passages from Hello Literacy...

And several of the folding books from this Mailbox pack.  I copy these and use them all the time for informational reading in my small groups.  Super high interest!  It seems like it may be out of print, but you can click the pic for more info!

I also have passages from my cause and effect pack...

And this "Zombie" pack from The Tattooed Teacher is a FAVORITE of my kiddos!

These binders will be a work in progress as I add to them during the year... but they are both off to a GREAT start!

How do you organize for small groups?


  1. Enjoyed your post. I think that is a fabulous idea to have your passages organized this way. Do you also use a basal or trade books for guided reading? Love the links to all the resources.
    Burke's Special Kids

    1. We do have a basal but it's older and not connected to the Common Core... I do my small groups to connect to the CCSS skill we are doing in our whole group work so I prefer to use passages and materials specifically targeted to that skill. I use the leveled readers that came with the basal at times, but I mostly supplement with my own things.

  2. I love this post! I always struggle with how to organize and where to begin with small groups! This really helps! Do you have an editable template for the CCSS sections in your TPT store? I would love to purchase!


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