Monday, July 8, 2013

Looking For an Open House Organizational Tool? {And Monday Made-It Too!}

If you are like me, Open House night goes by in the blink of an eye.  You smile a lot, shake lots of hands, and give lots of hugs.  You stress out a little bit before hand wanting everything to go perfect so families feel comfortable in your classroom... and then it's over as quick as it began!

Open House in my classroom is a way for me to meet parents, students, grandparents even... for kids to explore their classroom and for parents to sign-up to donate, volunteer, and supply our classroom with things throughout the year.

Last year I put together a fully customizable Open House tool to take the stress off of you so you can enjoy the night!  Just open in PowerPoint, type your own info, print, and DONE!... but I think it was just after everyone's Open House last year so I wanted to show it off early this year!
Check it out on TpT

I was so happy when I got the opportunity for my sweet friend The Good Enough Teacher to review this product AND give one away on her blog this week!

You can click the picture to head to her blog and see what she had to say about the pack and for your chance to win!  I'm going to give away two at Krystal's blog this week!  She's got several great giveaways lined up in the coming weeks, so be sure to follow her to keep up!
 Check out The Good Enough Teacher's review & enter to win!

I am off to the car dealership where my SUV is getting FOUR re-calls taken care of!  YUCK!  Coincidentally, the dealership is right next to a Target, Hobby Lobby, and Dollar Tree!  So, if you need me, you know where I'll be!

Pop in tomorrow for a little giveaway of my own from my friends at Learning Resources!  You don't want to miss it!

And... I'm linking up for Monday Made-It again!  I've been busy this week creating for my classroom.  You saw my CRAZY piles yesterday... {click HERE if you missed it!}... so this week it's been all files because I can't add one more thing to my stack!
Tara's post last week on Monday Made-It inspired me to revamp my "Homework Club" pack and here it is...
 Check it out on TpT - it's $1 off right now!

And I JUST finished a new opinion writing resource pack!  It's hot off the presses!  I'll even send a copy to one person... you see, today I have to take my car to the dealership to get many recalls fixed.  BOO!  Currently, I am driving without air bags, which is just one example of something getting fixed today.  I do not know when I will get home.  But, when I do, I will immediately get on the computer (as soon as I can) and will send the pack to a random comment.  I already wrote down the number I am going to pick so hopefully the comments can get there while I'm gone!   Just be sure to leave your e-mail address!  I'll announce the winner on my Facebook page too!

Here are some pics of what I made...
Check it out on TpT... it's $1 off today!

Informative pack coming soon and narrative done already!

Can't wait to see what ya'll made this week!


  1. I love teaching opinion/persuasive and this looks like so much fun!

  2. Those writing sets look amazing. I'm looking forward to teaching opinion to my thirds this year.

  3. Your resources are always wonderful! Glad to see you have something to occupy your time while your car is at the dealership.

  4. Just moving up from one to two and looking for resources on writers' purposes. Number 4 is my lucky number......wish I was at Target.

  5. Looks like a product that I could use and more importantly my students would enjoy! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Summer chores are not fun. I've done an oil change and doctor's appointments.
    I'm still putting off getting new tires and an alignment.


  7. Oh I love to teach opinion writing! I would love this!!

  8. Huge writing component is the opinion genre now- I would love your new pack because I know it is awesome.

  9. I'd love to share in the opinion writing pack! Thanks for the offer.

    lbhuebner (at) gmail (dot) com

  10. Your opinion pack looks amazing! This writing genre is so much fun to teach! Here's to hoping 10 was your magic number!
    teachergonedigital @

  11. This pack looks awesome. I would love to have that for my classroom this year! Hope you had fun shopping!


  12. If you haven't reached your number yet... pick me! This pack looks amazing, and perfect for my classroom.
    We have also had car trouble recently... hoping that all gets resolved for you!
    Thank you,

  13. This coming year will be my first! Thanks for a great resource, I love reading your posts!


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