Thursday, July 18, 2013

REWIND!- 132 Freebies! WHAT?! {And... 3 fer Thursday!}

Wow.  I have 132 posts labeled with "Freebie" on this blog.  I think that's pretty dang cool!  You can access ALL of them by clicking HERE!  Get comfy... you'll be browsing a while!

Also... I'm doing a 3 fer Thursday again this week!

Last week I offered my three newest items for 20% off on Thursday.  This week I am doing my 3 "100 Days to Common Core Success: ELA Edition" packs.

I LOVE this thing.  I put mine together near the tail end of last school year and we used it all the time for quick review, filler, team games... I LOVE it!  This coming year, we'll be doing 1 a day during our morning meeting time for a quick review.

Anyway... today these three are 20% off each!  All are fully CCSS aligned with the standard addressed clearly marked on each page.

Click each pic to check them out on TpT!


1 comment:

  1. This is awesome, Christina! I need to consider this for fourth. The kiddos would love the flipbooks.

    Fluent in Fourth


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