Saturday, August 10, 2013

Are You a Runner... Because I'm Trying!

Well, friends, I am going to do a 5K.  Now that might not be news for you, but I don't run.  Ever.  But my mom has been training for a 5K and it inspired me!  Right at the height of my feeling inspired, my friend asked if I'd want to do a Color Run with her.  So I checked out the Color Run online and it looked like the most fun EVER!  Which led to me agreeing to do it... which led to us deciding to do Couch to 5K.

Check out this You Tube video about the Color Run... I can't wait!!!

I survived the first day of C25K today and am feeling pretty proud of myself!  I'll admit- we did speed walk during one of the 60 seconds of running- but we did run all the rest!  I was pretty successful on Weight Watchers two years ago but had some stuff going on and kind of just lost track of doing WW.  So, I'm back on and working out each day too.  This week, between my elliptical, bike rides with the hubby, and today's run, I've done 16.8 miles!!!!!

So, anyway, I usually stick to school on this ol' blog, but wanted to share that today.  If you have any tips or want to share your success story, feel free!

And, just so this post isn't totally un-school related, time is ticking away for you to purchase the amazing bundle on Educents!  It's $30.00 for over $200.00 worth of files that are perfect for 2nd and 3rd grades... lots of them will be great for 1st too!  I can say, that as a former 1st grade teacher, I would have LOVED using them with my firsties!

Click the pic to check it out if you've missed it!


  1. I also am/was not a runner. It's getting better (hence my indecisiveness on verb tense). I did C25K last summer and it is great! Just be prepared that you will probably need more than the 10 weeks they say - towards the end those are some BIG jumps in distances/times! I think I took about 17 or 18 weeks to get to the 5K. A couple of times I repeated weeks because even by the third day of it, it was SUPER hard. I also made up my own "transition" weeks a few times when the jump from one week to the next seemed way too much for me. Good luck!

    A Place to Thrive

    1. This is so true! I have also been doing C25K and had difficulty with the time versus the distance (I could run 22 minutes but it wasn't 2.5 miles). I did a few of the weeks over again to work on my speed. I am still a slow runner, but I am almost up to 3 miles in a somewhat reasonable amount of time. Best of luck to you and have a BLAST at the Color Run!


  2. Ask me 2 years ago, and I would have said I wasn't a runner. NOW, I'm signed up for my SECOND half-marathon in October. You can do this! Stick with it! :-)

    Mr. First Grade

  3. Invest in a really good pair of running shoes. Happy feet will help keep all your other parts happy too. :)
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

    1. Agreed! Go to a running store. They will best be able to suggest a shoe for your foot, stride, and pronation. A good shoe can help you become the runner you are training to be.

  4. Wow! Good job on your mileage! I signed up for the same type of race here - it's called "Run or Dye". It will be so fun! I find races are such a great community of supportive people - like teacher blogs! Have fun. :)
    Grade 4 Buzz

  5. Running is so hard! I agree, get a good pair of shoes!! And keep going! You will do great!!

    The Teacher's Treasure Chest

  6. I just talked about running last night on my blog! It is a great stress reliever :) I have found that on CT5k, sometimes it helps to repeat weeks (especially around weeks 4-5). I have also found that in some of the earlier weeks it helps to add a few more running reps. If you have 6 runs, do 7 or 8. This will help later.

    Literacy Without Worksheets

  7. I love it when teacher blogs aren't 100% teacher related. I feel like it helps me get to know the bloggers better. Plus I would love to hear more about your journey and get some inspiration!

    Covered in Glitter and Glue

  8. The Color Run is one of the most fun runs you'll ever do. Just make sure you go to the big party area after you finish...they throw big clouds of color every 15 minutes (or so). Great pictures and a great way to add more color to you. :-)

  9. That's awesome! You should be proud of yourself!! Good luck!

    Mindful Rambles

  10. Ooh, have a blast at the Color Run! I have not done it yet but we have a group of runners on our staff who have done a bunch and they love the Color Run. :) Good luck! I just found your blog and love your super kind linky party, what a great idea to give back to those who have left thoughtful feedback!

    Lindsey at Forever First Grade

  11. I used to be a runner, many years ago. My daughter is very athletic, and this summer we have been walking/running at night. I live on a ranch, so I was running the length of the first pasture and then walking back. I would do this four to six times, but the running part was killing me. I guess the older I get the harder it is to bounce back. Now I've just been doing a very "aggressive walk" and it feels pretty good. I think I'll check the C25K out!
    Good Luck!
    The 85 Mile Commute

  12. Good for you! I have been running for 2 years now thanks in part to the Couch 2 5K program! I still love running intervals (weeks 5 and 6) when I am not training for a race. I ran the Color Run last year in Philadelphia and it was AWESOME! I never considered myself an athlete before starting the program, but I can say that I am a RUNNER :)

  13. The Color Run is SO FUN!!! I just did it with my coworkers from school. I am not a runner either, but I can run 2-3 miles if I want to. My friend... sooo NOT a runner. She had only run a mile at one time before race day, and guess what?! She ran the ENTIRE race!!! I was SO proud of her! We were not very speedy, but we did it! And you can do it too!! There's something about running a race... when you see everyone else running around you, it keeps you motivated to keep running yourself. Just make sure you don't start off too fast.

    Angela :)
    Hippo Hooray for Second Grade!

  14. I started running using Couch 2 5K seven years ago. Last year I completed my first (and ONLY) full marathon. You CAN do it :)

    PS: Thanks for the data folder printable. I'm going to give it a try this year! I'm excited about having this information to share at conferences.

  15. Yay for running! I joined a "beginning to run" group in the spring. We started with walking 4 minutes, running 2 minutes. I was huffing and puffing that first time through. But after 10 weeks (we ran twice a week) I was able to run the entire 5k! I couldn't believe it. Each week when our running intervals increased, I was worried I couldn't do it. And each week I pushed myself and kept up. So happy I did that and I've continued running all summer long!!! Run or Dye race coming up in October, and the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving.
    Congrats and keep it up! ((And definitely get good running shoes. Do you have a Fleet Feet in your area?))
    Colleen :-)
    Fun and Fearless in First

  16. You're inspiring me to get my rear in gear. Three years ago I did the couch to 5K and was feeing SO good! Then, between school, moving across the country, and looking for a new job, I stopped running :( For the past week I've been telling myself that I need to GET UP AND MOVE, and now here you are motivating me. I'm pulling out the old C25K plan and starting tomorrow morning!

  17. I just finished week 7 of Couch to 5k today! I had never run before this and it turns out I like it- a lot! You'll totally make it! I have my 1st 5k on the 25th... I only wish it was a color run! Those look amazing! Happy running!

    Today In First Grade

  18. Definitely remember to stretch before AND after you run! It may seem silly but it only takes one muscle to be worked the wrong way and you injure yourself :( Unfortunately that happened to my husband! I tried getting him to stretch with me before we ran but he just wanted to get it over with... he ended that 2.5 mile run with a sore ankle... a week later it was still sore... a week later still sore so he went to the Dr. who told him he strained his tendon, now he refuses to run with me! So anyway, that is my suggestion :) Stretch!


  19. Hi,

    Good running shoes are very important!Find ones with good support and light weight. I started running 2 years ago with the C25k and I am now signed up to run in my 2nd half marathon in November. I find running to be very theraputic. It's the only time I can shut off my mind. Good luck and keep going.

    Rachael Fox

  20. The Color Run is a fun race. Esp. if you like to get hit with a powder ball of color. :) Enjoy it and have fun. I always recommend starting out slow in mileage and work you way up slowly. Less likely chance of injury then. I find it a great stress release esp. when your patience is being used up all day in class. And nothing better than a great pair of new running shoes.

  21. You will LOVE The Color Run! I am going to be doing my third 4th 5K in October and 3 of those have been Color Runs! They are SO MUCH FUN! Spend some time looking up cute outfits too...tutu's are the thing at Color Run's! The crazier, the better! :)

  22. Oh and the after party is the BEST worth staying for!

  23. A Color Run is a great way to get started - lots of fun and not very competitive! Good shoes are a must to avoid unhappy feet...I always feel better running when I have on cute workout clothes ! :) I think running is GREAT therapy for de-stresses and clears my mind after a long day. In the summer, I run and/or swim with one of my third grade teacher friends. Right now, we are both lamenting the near-end of our summer vacation AND our morning runs!

    Good luck!


  24. Good for you! I have NEVER been a runner, but a few months ago I got a Get Running App on my iphone and found out that running isn't that bad!! But, I live in Florida and it is WAY too hot and humid (for me) to run in July, August and September, so I stopped. It's even super humid early in the morning! I'm hoping to start up again in late October/early November. Good luck to you :)

  25. You can do it! I made a goal for myself last summer that within a year I would run a 5k, so I did the C25K app. I started out on the treadmill, then slowly made my way outside, and successfully ran the entire riverbank 5k in Grand Rapids! It can be done!

  26. My daughter and I did the Color much fun! You will love it. I can't wait to read your post about it. :)



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