Thursday, August 8, 2013

Three fer Thursday... It's Back!

You have ONE MORE DAY to enter to win  the amazing comprehension passages from Little Red's Schoolhouse!!!!!

Click the pic to see more, if you haven't entered already!

I'm doing Three fer Thursday at my TpT store again this week and I'm doing my students' three favorite ELA activities from the past year... and each one is 20% off for today only!  If you click each pic, you can check out the product for more info!

First... The Chocolate Touch mini-unit!  This is one of my FAVORITE read alouds.  It's such a great example of foreshadowing, character growth (perfect for 3.RL.3!), and just darn good descriptive writing!  My favorite thing in this pack is the prediction cards for each chapter.  I showed them before reading each chapter and we made predictions about how the pictures would be significant in the chapter!

Next... Fry Phrase Bundle!!!  My intervention groups LOVED playing these games and charting their progress toward mastery of Fry Phrases... I loved that they were having such a fun time practicing their fluency and growing their reading skills with games!

Third... this was the first hall hunt that we did this year and I had more fun than my kiddos did!  It's called "trick-or-treat" and it's all about singular and plural nouns.  I hung "trick" cards in the hallway and got such a kick every time they found a "trick" and thought it was one of the "treats" they needed to complete the hunt!  I use these ALL. THE. TIME. in my classroom and love them!  You can find LOTS of them at my store... just click HERE to check them all out!

All right!  Happy Thursday!  I'm off to a meeting at school and MUST work on stuff for summer school!!!  I start teaching it on Monday!


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