Friday, August 9, 2013

Fabulous Feedback 2nd Friday Linky Party AND Little Red's Comprehension Winners!!!!

Happy Friday!!!!  First, the winners of the comprehension packs from Little Red's Schoolhouse are...
Thank you to Katie and Kristin for allowing me to host this giveaway and for sharing their AMAZING product with me!!!!!

Ok, it's that time again... the 2nd Friday (already!) and that means it's time for my Fabulous Feedback linky party!
Here are the rules:
1.)  Go to your TpT store and find some feedback (on one or two items max!) that was meaningful to you- something that made you smile, or really gave you some good insight into how your product was or will be used.
2.)  Blog about that great feedback, giving the username of the person who left it.  Please do not just link up to products.  Any links to products will be deleted.
3.)  Invite that person to contact you to receive a similar product for free from your store!
4.)  Snag the button below and link up with me so everyone can see the great feedback you got and find out if they are the winner!

My fab feedbacks are...
Find this bundle on TpT or TN

Sweetsara7 (who totally lives up to her name... she is seriously a sweetie!) purchased my Cause and Effect Fiction and Non-Fiction bundle.  She's "won" my Fab Feedback before... every time she leaves feedback it is so specific and heartfelt!  I love this girl!  Anywho... this pack has a fiction and non-fiction reading passage, themed for each month of the year, to allow students to find cause and effect relationships.  I am so happy you liked your purchase, Sara!!!!  Don't forget to e-mail me at so I can send you something from my store for free!

And 2nd... Nancy purchased my Homework Club pack and left this sweet feedback about her purchase...
Find the Homework Club on TpT or TN

I have used a homework club since my first year teaching in 2006 and am always amazed at what a motivator it is for my students... they love being in "the club"!  This past school year I had all but three or four of my students in the club.  They missed three or fewer assignments for the entire school year!  This pack has awards for each month, two display options for keeping track of who is in the club, homework pass rewards, and more!  Don't forget to e-mail me at so I can send you something from my store for free!

I hope you will link up and share the feedback that has made you smile this past month!


  1. I have really been working hard to give better feedback because of this linky party and your other post about feedback. It's really helped me see how important it is to the sellers. It really doesn't take that much time to do and I try to be more specific than "This is cute" or "Love it". Thanks for sharing your wisdom with a newbie!
    A Tall Drink of Water

  2. OMG!!! I am so excited to be the big 'ol winner! That never happens to me!

  3. I am so glad to do this linky! It's so important to leave good feedback and I loved combing through mine and reading such sweetness! It was hard to pick! :) Thanks Christina!

    Flying High in First Grade

  4. Christina, I LOVE this linky! I just found it today, and it is really inspiring. Thank you for setting it up!!

    Peacocks & Penguins


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