Thursday, August 22, 2013

Welcome Bulletin Board {and... guess where I'm going contest!}

I just put the finishing touches on our 3rd grade bulletin board and, I must say, it's pretty cute!

I made the ice cream 3-D by stapling scrunched up paper down behind it!  {Looking at that picture, I think I'll add quotes around the word SCOOP- what do you think?}

And... are you feeling lucky?  Hubby and I are going somewhere today.  I can't give too much away just because I want to see how observant you are... so...

Clue #1- We are going to see something.
Clue #2- 6 + 1 = 7... and I'm hoping for lots!
Clue #3- We are staying in Michigan but going east.

Can you guess where we are going today?  I'm pretty geeked about it!

I'll send the first comment with the correct answer winner's choice from my TpT store!  Happy guessing!


  1. Soaring Eagle Resort to play craps??? That's the first thing that popped in my head, lol!!

    My Journey to 5th Grade

  2. You and your husband are going to Hudsonville Ice Cream. I had to say it because of your bulletin board; even though it is on the west and not towards the east.

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  4. Detroit Lions football game? Have fun wherever you're going!


  5. Are you going to East Lansing to see something to do with the Michigan state football team? I am a Husker fan myself, and it would be pretty sad to interfere with the seventh shot of the championship if it were!


  6. Ceasar's Windsor hotel and casino in Windsor, Ontario?

  7. Your bulletin board looks fabulous! So creative! Hope you have a fun trip!

  8. Are you headed to New York City once again to see your beloved musicals?

  9. Did you go to see the Detroit Lions play?

  10. Either Atlantic City, NJ or Mohegan Sun in CT.

  11. Are you going to a casino in Eastern Michigan? To play slots?

    Love the bulletin board!


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