Saturday, August 24, 2013

Good Morning, Winner, and Other Stuff!

Happy Saturday!  Why am I awake at 7:33am on a Saturday you ask?  It's a Couch to 5K day!  I'm meeting my friend at 8:00 to do week 2, day 3.  So far, so good... but I hear week 3 is a killer... so think happy thoughts for me next week!


On Thursday, hubby and I went somewhere and I gave a few clues and the Polished Teacher figured out where we were going...

We were in Detroit at the Lions game!  I have to say I am pretty dang proud of my team... I was nervous heading into a game against the Patriots, but (sorry Pats fans!) we really smoked 'em!  The final score was 40-9!

We'll be attending two more games in October and I'm trying to talk hubby into going on Thanksgiving too!  Here's to hoping for a winning season!

And finally... other stuff.

We were adopted by a stray cat earlier in the summer.  She was staying outside, sleeping on the porch, etc... then she was hitting our windows at night when she could see us in the house!  Then she was dashing inside when we had the door open!  Hubby is allergic, but this cat is so stinkin' friendly!  So, he said we could try having her inside.  It's been about three weeks now and he's fine!  He holds her and pets her with nary a sniffle!  So, she's going to the vet this morning to get shots and checked out and officially become our pet!  Yay!

Here she is...  Her name is Kiki and she's so cute!!!!!


  1. Kiki is precious! I think she'll make a wonderful addition to your family. :-)

    Growing a Teacher

  2. Oh my goodness Kiki is just the most precious thing ever! So glad to hear it worked out with your hubby's allergies!

    Looks like you had fun at the Lions game! They definitely did hand it to the Patriots! I was absolutely stumped until I thought about the 6+1=7 clue. That one gave it away that it was football! Thanks for the fun chance to win!


  3. Kiki is adorable! Enjoy your newest addition to the family! :)


  4. FOOTBALL!!! The one thing that makes all back to school chaos manageable!!! I will forgive you for the Lions thing, but just this once . . . hehehehehe :) Hugs friend!

  5. Oh my, that cat picture is so precious! I'm sure she hit the kitty rescue jackpot making the move inside!

    Third Grade in the First State

  6. Kiki looks just like my fiancée's cat, Penny! Except that I give Penny an evil voice-over because I think she's plotting to kill me. And Kiki looks fairly innocent.



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