Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Pizza Pie... Me Oh My! {A YUMMY Excuse for a Field Trip!}

When I taught preschool (my 1st group of preschoolers are in 7th grade now!  Yikes!) we took a field trip to a local pizza restaurant and it was SO fun!  This was in the pre-digital camera days, so I don't have any pics to share with you, but trust me when I say that there is no better way to spend a day with little people than to have them make their very own pizzas!

It was so fun for the kiddos to tour the restaurant, learn about how pizzas are made, and then create their own!  Are you drooling over this fun, real-world field trip yet...

Well...if you have a CiCi's Pizza near you, they do these very same field trips!!!!  Click the picture of the tasty pizza below to head over to read more about it... it sounds so fun and is definitely something I'll be checking out!


  1. Christina, this is actually a really great idea. I'm going to see what they set the price at and how close our local CiCi's is. Now I just have to figure out what AKS I can attach to the request.

    1. AKS, you must be in GCPS! You can xonnect it to the crrpi. Your school counselor may be able to help you plan it. Or you can connect it to math - measuring or fractions.

  2. We did that last year! It was really fun - the kids loved it!!
    Teaching in the Valley

  3. I have done trips like this to Pizzeria Uno. It was great for a how to/procedure book that my second graders were working on.

  4. I'm thinking this would be a great staff development party!! Who wouldn't love a little pepperoni with their PD?

    Peacocks and penguins


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