Sunday, December 9, 2012

Do You Have This? It's Been Updated!

Happy Sunday!  My Lions play tonight, so I'm enjoying a leisurely afternoon before the stress begins around 8pm!

If you have either of my Reading Comprehension Flippy Book sets, they've both gotten a new cover {well, a cover... since there wasn't one before} and the 2nd set got an extra flippy added for compare/contrast... be sure to log in to your dashboard at TpT or TN and re-download!

I've also posted a bundle pack that has both sets in it for $2 less!

I am currently working on an update to my CCSS Graphic Organizers for Big Kids pack and hope to have that up later today it's up!  There are two new organizers and a table with CCSS connections for each graphic organizer.   So if you have that, keep your eyes peeled for the blinking "REVISED" notification in your TpT purchases!

Ok- heading into my happy creative place before kickoff!


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