Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Outing My Stalker

I have a blog stalker.  Now, I have been known to stalk a blog or two in my day... but my stalker e-mails me, calls me when I haven't posted lately, and reads all of my posts and your comments!

Today that person is being outed.


It's my mom!  :)

She's the best and I love her!  She recently stalked some comments and so I'm going to let her choose the winner of the two products I posted about yesterday (Earth Day flippy book and complete sentence/fragment hall hunt)...

You all shared some awesome sounding historical vacation sites with me and I'm SO going to be talking to hubby about going to some of them... but my stalker e-mailed me one that she thought would be particularly interesting.  She didn't know this was going to happen, and neither did I... so it's a surprise for everyone!

My mom likes Angela Nerby's suggestion to go to historic Wisconsin... it's just across the lake from me (which sounds really close when I say it like that!) and so it might even be do-able in the near future!  Anyway Angela, my mom likes the sound of your trip and so you're the winner!

Keep up the great stalking, mom!


  1. How sweet to have a stalker-mom. That has to give you a heartsong!


  2. That is very sweet. My mom doesn't even own a computer! That's probably not a bad thing! :)
    Second Grade is Out of This World!

  3. This is so sweet! My mom also reads my blog a ton and is always texting me and calling me about it! What an adorable mom you have--you're blessed!


  4. Your mom sounds like mine! AWESOME!! :)If you do plan a trip to Wisconsin and need some tips/suggestions, just say the word!

  5. Those are the best kind - the kind that send you cookies and faithfully read your blog. :)

    Ms. BBZ - Integrated Learning in Second Grade


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