Saturday, April 6, 2013

Pass the Torch Linky

I had the chance last week to use an amazing product called "Reading Olympians". I used it with a few of my kiddos and I LOVED it!  After you check how how I used it, click the picture below to go to Michelle's blog to see other linky participants as well as find out how you can win the complete program too!

I worked with a small group to introduce a few greek roots and then we completed this practice page where they had to read sentences and insert the correct word which, of course, would have a greek root word in it. I loved the conversation and dialogue it opened up for us about deciphering unknown words and the vocabulary building we were able to do. They all loved coming up with their own examples for words containing the given roots!

 If you're looking to improve your students' understanding of language, build vocabulary, and cover Common Core standards, this is your dream product! They also LOVE LOVE LOVED seeing the graphics created by the 3am Teacher! I was printing the materials and one of my boys walked by and got so excited! He's read the Percy Jackson series and was so jazzed to see pictures of characters he had read about. I haven't read Percy Jackson, so I can only assume he knew what he was talking about... hahaha!

Anywho, you can learn more about the program on Kristen and Julie's blog- Reading Olympians. You can also click the button at the top to head to a linky party and see how others are using this product... and please click the torch at the bottom to go to the next blog in the linky so you can continue through... I'm just passing the torch!


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