Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Blog Post Rewind: APRIL FOOL'S Spelling Test!

Blog Post Rewind time!

Click the tape to rewind and hop back in time to an old blog post that contains a quick, easy, and fun April Fool's spelling test you can use tomorrow to get some laughs in your classroom!  I do this every year and LOVE it!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

2nd Grade Math "Show What You Know" {New Product Alert!} and... My New HOUSE!!!!

Ok, friends... it's real.  I'm really moving to a new house in a new city... with a Target less than a mile away!!!!!
A new start just for me!  I can't WAIT!!!!!  I close this Friday and have been so busy packing...

This used to be a dining room... now it holds my STUFF just waiting to be put away in a new place!

I haven't blogged or anything in so long... I can't wait to settle into my new house and get back into a routine.  After all the shopping and painting and decorating, of course!

I did manage to put the finishing touches on a 2nd grade CCSS aligned "Show What You Know" pack for math.  This features 36 weekly review pages that help kiddos practice addition, subtraction, word problems, fractions, shapes, basic multiplication, arrays, number lines, +10, +100... and so much more!  Download the preview on TpT to see the first three weeks for free!

Pair it with "Show What You Know" CCSS grammar for a GREAT morning work or homework activity for each week!

Ok!  Tomorrow I'm boxing up my computer so... this is it for a bit!
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