Saturday, April 20, 2024

I'm Getting Married AND Morning Meetings Made Easy!

It's me... back after a loooong time away.  Do people read blogs anymore?  It seems like social media is where everyone is getting there hookups for classroom happenings... but I'm going to kick it old school and blog it up today!


An exciting personal update!

I'm getting married next March!!!!!  My long-time partner proposed to me on Christmas and we couldn't be happier!  We will be getting hitched in the Dominican Republic on March 31, 2025!

Check out a few of our engagement pictures from our recent trip to Cabo!

So, yes.  I can't wait!!!!!!

Second, I'm so excited because I will be looping with my class next year and also moving to 2nd grade!  Second grade is my sweet spot and I am so stoked for the kids and the teacher team I'll be working with!  Since I'm going to have the same kiddos, I had to make a new set of Morning Meeting slides and I had to show them to you too!  

36 weeks of daily greetings and activities to start your day out in a positive way!  Don't wait until fall to start either... grab them now and get started.  Completely stress free, paperless, and no prep... open in Google Slides and go!  Click on the title image or HERE to check it out on TpT!  You can download the preview on TpT to see the first week!

And so, there you have it!  My exciting life update and my exciting new product!

Hope all is well with you, teacher friends!

Until next time!

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