Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pizza & a Movie!

Tonight is shaping up to be a pizza and a movie night.  Have you ever gotten a Papa Murphy's pizza...?  OMG.  You must.

So, that's my life today.  The weather is yucky and it's a perfect night to stay in on the couch... even though I spent the entire weekend on the couch last week when I was sick.

Anyway... just a reminder that you still have tonight to enter to win a HearALL Assessment Recorder from Learning Resources and until Monday to get $70.00 OFF the cost of a subscription to Samson's Classroom if you use the code BAINBRI.  I've heard from a lot of you who have taken advantage of the offer... you won't be disappointed!  After the discount, it ends up only being $10.00!

I'll announce the HearALL winner tomorrow!

I hear a random assortment of meats stuffed inside a second crust and covered in sauce and cheese calling my name!  Puh-lease don't tell Weight Watchers on me!

On a side note... if you are a Michigan teacher in the Kalamazoo or St. Joseph County area... would you e-mail me?  I have a question for you!  Please!!!

Friday, April 27, 2012

HearAll Assessment Recorder Review and Giveaway and a Grant Opportunity!

It's Friday!  Whoo hoo!

Remember this box that Learning Resources sent me...?

Well, we have been using the HearALL Assessment Recorder like crazy in my classroom and I would love to tell you aaaaalll about it!

My first reaction was how light and tiny it was when I pulled it out... I couldn't believe it...
But, its size and weight did not disappoint... this small wonder truly has helped me do some amazing things in my classroom.

I have used it to:

1.) record a group discussing a book without me there to facilitate and then listen later to gauge the quality of their conversation.

2.) I have a student who is a great comprehender, but isn't very accurate... seriously... how does he know everything that happened in a chapter when he's literally reading about 60% of the words?  I had him record himself reading a chapter of a Magic Tree House book.  I made a copy of the chapter, sat with the recorder, and read along highlighting all of the words he missed... it was A LOT.  I showed him and he insisted the recorder must have been wrong.  So then I saw down with him and we listened to it together and he was SHOCKED at all of the words... we're talking whole paragraphs... that he was skipping!  For the next several days, this student did all of his independent reading into the HearALL and then we listened to it together and I was then SHOCKED at how much his accuracy improved just by being made aware, seeing, and hearing his inaccuracies!

3.) I recorded a set of directions and questions on here for one of my reading groups.  When they met, I was able to facilitate their discussion via the HearALL!  They thought it was so funny- I even gave them time to answer the questions I asked and offered little praises to their answers that I couldn't even hear... they loved that!

What I loved about it:

1.) Who doesn't want to be in more than one place at one time?  This truly has made that possible for me!

2.) No batteries!!!!!  This charges right from the computer and is also super easy to get files off of for sending to parents and documenting.

3.) The voice quality is great!  It picks up voices well and doesn't pick up a lot of extra classroom background sounds.

Learning Resources has offered to give you one too!  All you have to do is leave a comment... I hope you'll go and like Learning Resources on Facebook too!  I have one more Learning Resources giveaway that will be coming up in a few weeks... so I hope you'll follow my blog if you aren't already so you can have a chance for the next one... it's a biggie!  This giveaway ends on Sunday, so you have two days to comment and like!  Go go go!

Want more info on the great product?  Check out these links!

Not only that- but Learning Resources is sponsoring an AMAZING grant right now where you can win some technology for your classroom.  You better believe I'll be entering this one!

Learning Resources announces the sponsorship of a teacher grant hosted by WeAreTeachers. To apply, teachers must answer this question: “How would you use portable interactive technology to create collaborative lessons?” After the application process concludes, educators can invite colleagues to vote for their favorite lesson ideas. Each of the three top vote getters will win a set of three now!Boards and three GeoSafari Tuff Cams, a prize package valued at $2,000. Additionally, two merit-based winners selected by a panel of teachers will each win one now!Board and one GeoSafari Tuff Cam, a total value of $700. Teachers can apply for the grant online through May 22, 2012.

For more information and to apply for the grant, visit

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Meatballs, Butterflies, Eyeballs, Goldfish, Bathtubs, and More!

Compound words is the name of the game this week in Room 10.  And, I guess that synonyms and antonyms are the middle and last names of the game too.

We did this activity for morning work today and the kids had fun with it.  I got the poem from this book by Scholastic which I love... it has poems for EVERYTHING!!!!  We do a poem each week for fluency and put them in our poetry notebooks.  I have amassed a large collection of poetry books, but this one is my favorite!

Anywho here's the page we did for the compound word poem... if you click on the pic you can get your copy!

We're also gearing up to play a spring/buggy themed compound word memory match game tomorrow.  It's from my Buggy for Language Arts center set pack.  I don't quite think my kids are compound worded out yet!  We also watched this fun You Tube video...

Ok- tomorrow's my 2nd Lakeshore Learning giveaway and review... hope you'll pop back then! 

Looking for more compound word fun?  Check out this compound word classroom or hallway hunt in my TpT store!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Putting a Little SPRING in Your Step... Freebie!

Today is a yucky day in Michigan... last month we had to turn out air on one night and today the heat is cranked up while it rains outside!

It's a yucky day... fortunately, the rain held off and my kids got outside recess today!  :)

And to top it off, I'm still flying by the seat of my pants a bit after being sick and missing two days of school!  ACK!

But, I need a little spring after this weather and my sickness!  So, I've just uploaded this spring glyph and would love for you to enjoy it for free too!

Let me know what you think too!
Click here to download it on TpT      Click here to get it at Teacher's Notebook

I know you're probably "giveaway-ed-out" from me, but I'll be doing a great giveaway at the end of this week... here's a sneak peek:

Until then... happy Thursday!

Don't forget about the promo Samson's Classroom is running... you can get $70.00 OFF the price of a subscription making it only $10.00!  Just enter BAINBRI when you check out!  The promo ends on Monday, April 30!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Samson's Class WINNERS and an Amazing Deal for You!

Thanks for all the well wishes after my "sick with the flu" post this weekend.  I'm still not 100% better, but will be going back to school tomorrow.  Friday and Saturday I barely moved off the couch... today I'm up and around, but glad I took one more day to get well... hopefully I can get totally well by the time the bell rings at 7:45am tomorrow!

Second... thanks for the HUGE response to the Samson's Classroom giveaway!  The wonderful people at Samson's Classroom have generously offered to give three free year subscriptions away... but if you're not a winner, scroll down after the winners are announced because I'm telling you, those people are wonderful... and they've offered something AMAZING for anyone who didn't win!

So... the winners are...
Please please e-mail me at so I can get your contact info and pass it along to the lovely Jessie at Samson's Classroom!

Now for the AMAZING deal for those who didn't win...

Starting today, for one week only, you can get a year's subscription to Samson's Classroom for your class for SEVENTY DOLLARS OFF the price (which is $80.00)... so... that means, you can get the year's subscription for only $10.00.  Ten dollars.  Ten clams.  Ten bucks.  Ten buckaroos.  Ten smackers.

All you have to do is enter the code BAINBRI when you check out.

Isn't that AMAZING???!!!!

Click HERE to head to their site to get your subscription for just $10.00!!!  I know your students will love it.

I've added it as a "work on words" station during Daily Five and have put our weekly spelling words on it.  My students LOVE it!  Today with our sub, they went to the computer lab to do the reading comprehension activities... I love that they are actually looking back in the passage to make sure their answers are correct because they want to earn "hammer swings"!  It has been exciting for me to hear their sweet little voices whispering out excited "YESSSS"'s when they spell their words correctly or get the answers right on a comprehension passage!  And they just love doing anything on the computer.  They are even getting on at home... what?  Doing extra work at home because they just love how fun it is?  Absolutely!

What are you waiting for?  Go!  Enter BAINBRI when you check out and you will get $70.00 off.  I told you those Samson's Classroom people were wonderful!

Here's a link back to my original post where you can see a video about Samson's Classroom and read my full review if you're still not convinced.

All right!  Hopefully I'm back to full capacity tomorrow.  I have a few more product giveaways up my sleeve... look for one at the end of this week!  Tomorrow night the hubby and I have tickets to see the musical "Young Frankenstein"... and then we're out of tickets!  Oh no!  Have a great rest of your Monday and Tuesday too!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Flu! Yuck!

I haven't forgotten about the Samson's Classroom giveaway... I have the flu.  Yes.  The full blown stomach flu!  I missed school yesterday and have spent the whole day on the couch today- except for right now when I popped on to say that I know I missed choosing winners!

The good news is, you have more time to enter for the free year subscription.  Just click HERE!

I'll be back *hopefully* tomorrow, but on Monday at the latest to gift three winners and then let everyone else in on a sweet perk Samson's Classroom is offering!!!!

I'm going to crawl into the shower and then back to the couch!  I hate being sick!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Landforms Freebie!

I'm gearing up to teach about landforms next week and I made this little landform dictionary-ish thing.

I'm going to create a Powerpoint slide of each landform and display it in my room while we journey through that location.

Then we're going to define and write characteristics of each landform!  We'll color each picture and I'll probably have them label characteristics on the pictures too.

You can snag it at my TpT or Teacher's Notebook shops!

I'd love some good old fashioned comment lovin' if you like it!  :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Just a Quickie!

1.)  Kristina Armstrong... you were the correct comment number (my age, 31) to win the Marshmallow adjective pack!  Please e-mail me at!

2.) Samson's Classroom Giveaway going on now!  Click here to enter at the right blog post!  When I announce the winner at the end of the week, I have a AWESOME consolation prize for those who do not win... I can't wait to share it with you on Friday!!!

AND... Lori at Teaching with Love and Laughter is giving away one classroom subscription too!  Head over to her blog (and follow it while you're there!) to get another chance to win!!!!

3.) I just went on to Teacher's Notebook to see who the winners of my giveaway for the Marshmallow pack were... and I messed something up!  So, the giveaway shows it is ended... but it also shows no winners!  :(  I'll see what I can do and keep you posted!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Samson's Classroom... an AWESOME Giveaway!

I've been trying to wait to post about this, but I'm just too excited!

Have you head of Samson's Classroom?  It's a web based educational software program designed for early literacy that focuses on sight words, spelling, and reading comprehension.

Well, about two weeks ago, I was offered a classroom account and not one... not two... but THREE free year subscriptions for my bloggy friends!

I was going to wait, since I just had a giveaway for the Easi Speak USB Recorder but I can't wait any longer.  I got my students set up last week and we've been having a blast with Samson!

You can input your own spelling lists so students can get extra practice or use their pre-loaded lists.  I love "Read with Samson".  The passages are perfect and I love how, if you get a question wrong, the part of the text with the answer is underlined.  This is really helping my students feel ok about looking back in the text to double check their comprehension because so often, they just like to "be done" without being right.

And I totally wish I would have had the "Sight Words with Samson" at the beginning of the year when my first graders were working on mastering their sight words!

Here's a link to a little video for you to get some more info...

Here we are at the computer lab today, completely engrossed in the activities:

So... you can enter once by leaving a blog comment AND if you "LIKE" Samson's Classroom on Facebook, you can leave two more comments for a total of THREE entires!!!

Good luck!!!!  I'll announce the three winners on Saturday morning!

And... you can still enter at Teacher's Notebook for one of my Marshmallow Adjective packs!  Click the pic for more info!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easi Speak Winner AND Marshmallow Adjectives Pack Giveaway *Updated!*!

You know what they say... when one giveaway ends, another begins... or something like that, right?  :)

Congrats to...

I'll be sending you an e-mail to get your mailing address so I can let Learning Resources know you are the winner of the Easi Speak USB Recorder!

Thanks to everyone who entered, especially for sharing all of your great ideas about how you'd use it in your classroom!  Someone asked about sending the mic home for parents to listen to their child's reading... the cool thing is that, once you plug it into your USB, you can take the files off and e-mail them right to parents!
TpT          Teacher's Notebook
Now, for the next giveaway... we're going to be reviewing adjectives this week, so I've made up a little tiny adjective pack that is now posted in my TpT and Teacher's Notebook shops.  I'm going to give away 4 packs- one to the person who leaves the comment that is the same number as my age and three more on Teacher's Notebook!  They just did some updating and added a "giveaway" feature... so I'm going to try it out!  If you click the picture BELOW you can head directly to Teacher's Notebook to enter my giveaway!  Three lucky winners will get this pack on Tuesday night!  And one as soon as my "age" is hit in the comments!  ;)  Ok- I realized it is a little crazy to do the giveaway for my age, as there is no real incentive to comment when it's at like 8.  SO... I'll e-mail the pack to everyone who has left a comment so far and humored my crazy little scheme... I think that's the first 10 comments.  I hope you left your e-mail addresses!  Buuuttt... if the number of comments ever DOES hit my age, I'll send one to that person too!  Other than that- click the pic below to enter at Teacher's Notebook!  :)

This is my first giveaway with their new feature, so hopefully it will be a success!  If it is, you can look for many more in the future!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easi Speak Microphone Giveaway- Last Chance!

Just a friendly reminder to check out my giveaway for an Easi Speak USB Microphone Recorder!

My students worked hard to persuade you to buy one and Learning Resources is generously allowing me to give away one for free too!

Click the picture of one of my sweeties using the mic to head to that post to enter- I'll announce the lucky winner tomorrow!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easi Speak Microphone Review & GIVEAWAY!

The wonderful folks at Learning Resources recently sent me a box:

We've been using the Easi Speak voice recorder this week and, let me tell you... it IS super easy!

We've also been working on persuasive writing, so my students have written some pieces to try and persuade you to purchase one of these for your classroom.

Carter and Chris- You should buy an Easi Speak recorder for your class.  You don't have to buy batteries.  You can listen to yourself, you can do your spelling words and record yourself if you do.  Now you know about the microphone.

Megan and Caylie-  You should buy an Easi Speak recorder for your class because you can listen to how fluent and accurate you are.  You don't need to buy batteries because you can charge it on your computer.  Now you know how to use the Easi Speak recorder and you should buy it!

Preston and Rainie-  You should buy an Easi Speak recorder for your class because you don't have to buy batteries- you just charge it on your computer.  You record your voice and listen to see if you are fluent and accurate.  Your kids will like it because they can hold a microphone.  You can do your spelling words with the Easi Speak recorder.  Now you should buy the Easi Speak recorder.

Hayley and Maddie-  You should buy an Easi Speak recorder for your class.  You should buy it for your class because you can listen and see if you were a fluent reader.  You can charge it on your computer.  Since you can charge it on your computer you don't need to buy batteries.  Not buying batteries means saving money.  If you use it, you won't drop it because it has a little necklace you wear when you use it.  You should buy it!  Now you can decide if you want to buy it!

Jack and Max-  You should buy an Easi Speak recorder for your class because you can record yourself read a book.  You can record yourself do spelling.  It is the best thing ever.  So you should get it for your kids.  You can record anything- even yourself and you do not have to get batteries.  You know it will be fun for you and your kids.  We told you how fun it is!

Holli and Dani-  You should buy an Easi Speak recorder for your class.  You can listen to your fluency and accuracy.  It doesn't run on batteries, it charges on your computer.  And that's why we want you to buy the Easi Speak recorder.

Emily and Kinsey-  You should buy an Easi Speak recorder for your class because it's little and doesn't take up that much space.  You can record and listen to see if you had enough fluency.  And you don't need batteries because it charges on the computer.  You can write your spelling words without looking at your list and then record that word and listen to see if you got it correct.  Now you know why we are persuading you to buy it.

Jackson and Luke-  You should buy an Easi Speak recorder for your class.  It is recharged in your computer.  It is small and doesn't take up a lot of space.  It is so easy to use!  You can listen to your fluent reading too.  This is why you should buy an Easi Speak recorder.

And if that doesn't convince you, check out this sweetie who practiced his reading fluency by reading old poems from his poetry notebook... that cute little first grade voice is enough to make a teacher's heart melt!

So, you heard why my kiddos love the Easi Share recorder- here's what I like as a teacher:

*It really is super easy!  Red means record, greens means play, arrow means go to the next track.
*I LOVE the battery thing!  My kiddos were actually the ones who pointed it out to me when we were talking about reasons you should get one.  I have so many other devices in my classroom that I am constantly replacing batteries in.  I sooo appreciate that this doesn't have any!
*I love that my students are critically examining their reading.  They came up with the whole "fluency and accuracy" thing they wrote about above- not me.  And I think that's awesome.
*I, as a teacher, could record things on there for them- books, directions, messages... I haven't tried it yet, but it's definitely a possibility!
*The audio quality is great!
*Love the "necklace" to help with taking care and not dropping, etc...
*Because it's a "microphone"... it's a HUGE deal.  Extremely motivating!

You can learn all the technical info at Learning Resources website by clicking the image below.
So, are you convinced?  If you'd like a chance to win one, leave a comment below telling me how you would use this in your classroom.  I'll choose a winner at random this weekend and you will get one for FREE from Learning Resources!

Feel free to spread the word on your blog or blog FB page too- I know you'll be so happy to get one of these in your hot little hands!

Want more info on the Easi Speak?  Check out these links!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

So TIRED, a Great Book, and a Freebie!

I am EXHAUSTED! Having a week off and then going back to work has kicked my butt!

My kiddos have been amazing and I have gotten a TON of good teaching in the past two days. Today we started collecting research for a weather report. They are working in small groups and they were buzzing away with interesting facts and highlighting like crazy! :)

We're also working on persuasive writing AND reviewing main idea this week. Yikes, I know. BUT... I found this great book called A Pig Parade is a Terrible Idea and we used it today to, not only identify the author's purpose and the effectiveness of his argument, but also to locate main ideas and details.  They *so* got it.  We'll see if I can strike gold again tomorrow with main idea in a non-fiction text.

I'm posting my fillable end of the year awards pack on TpT and Teacher' Notebook tonight. It has 40 awards that are fillable... so you don't have to write everyone's name out if you don't want to. There are awards for good friends, good partners, good spellers, growth in reading and math... and some unique awards too- "No Dust Bunnies" for kids who keep a neat and tidy area, "Marvelous Musician" for that one who is always humming or singing a tune, and even a "No Peeping" award for that kiddo who is always so quiet!

You can download the perfect attendance award for free at my TpT shop- just click the link below!
TpT (for the freebie!)          Teacher's Notebook

Check back in later this week for a great giveaway!!!!!!!  My kiddos are currently testing out a product and will be writing persuasive pieces to review it and I'll give you one for free!  (Actually, Learning Resources will... but I'll do the giveaway!!!)

The linky party for split/multi-age classrooms is still open... I hope you'll link up!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Split Class & Multi-age Linky Party!

I've had a few e-mails about the logistics of a split class and I thought what a better way to answer those e-mails than to collect advice from other experts!

I would love for you to grab the button and link up to share your best tips and tricks for managing a split class- from academics to behavior.

Come on and join!

**Here is my advice to anyone taking on a split class- this is my 2nd year teaching 1st and 2nd grade combined and I love it.  It can be challenging to juggle two different sets of academics, but my best tip is to continue to teach at high levels.  It has AMAZED me what first graders can do when they are exposed to high expectations... not that other 1st grade teachers don't have high expectations, because you all rock and I know that you do, but I have to teach everything so my 2nd graders get it and my first graders rise to the occasion beautifully.

**We also do everything together except math.  Daily Five and CAFE have been a natural fit with a split class because I teach so many mini-lessons each week, I can differentiate over and over and hit multiple skills and skill sets.

**For math, I teach one grade level while the other does Debbie Diller inspired math workstations and then we flip-flop.

**One of my favorite things about a split class is seeing friendships blossom that would not have otherwise existed!

So, I guess that is more than 1 tip or trick... feel free to grab the button at the top, link up, and share all that you have!  Let's make this linky a big one!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Goodies- someone wins AND a freebie!

Happy Easter friends!

This morning the hubby and I are puttsing (how would you spell that?!) around the house... well, actually, he's outside putting in the little lights that go in the landscaping around our house and I'm on the computer doing what I do.

First up... someone wins!!!!!

Congrats to #5 Mrs. Hodson @ Today in First Grade!  You win my First Grade Treasures Spelling pack!!!!!  All 248 pages for free!!!  I'll be getting ahold of you ASAP.

Second up...  a FREEBIE!

Why did I not have an Easter flippy book?  That occurred to me this morning.  So, I quick whipped one up and it is available for free at my TpT and Teacher's Notebook shops.  Granted, you'll have to keep track of it until next year, but it is there for you!

Third up...  everything in both of my shops is 15% off until the end of today... you know, to UN-celebrate the end of spring break.
TpT          Teacher's Notebook
Enjoy your day everyone!  I can't wait to head to my parents' house this afternoon for ham and my mom's totally different and utterly amazing green bean casserole... and my grandma's totally different and utterly amazing potato salad recipe!  YUM!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

If You've Never Been Tagged...

then I'm tagging YOU!

Holly from Crisscross Applesauce tagged me and she's just so sweet that I had to play along.  BUT... I'm going to cheat and give an open TAG invitation to anyone who hasn't been tagged instead of actually tagging 10 others.  I'm a slacker, I know.

But... here are the 10 questions Holly had for her tag-ees:

1.  Do you have any bad habits?  Care to share?
I bite my nails.  I totally wish I didn't.  It's so gross and they are SO hideous!  How can I stop?  Help!!!
2.  Outdoors or Indoors?
I'm a wuss.  Indoors.

3.  Books:  Real deal, Kindle, Nook, iPad, other?
I love to read.  A lot.  If you've been following me for a while, you know I just got a Nook and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.  Before that I was a crazy real deal book lady who was terrified of getting an e-reader because it might destroy literature as we know it.  Now I LOVE MY NOOK SO MUCH!  I want to shout it from the rooftops!

I shouldn't share this with you because it's an unorganized mess... but here's my bookshelf so you can see my collection of books... the shelves are two rows deep.  And I have read most of them.  The ones on the tippy top I got for Christmas and haven't read yet... I'm trying to talk myself out of re-buying them for my Nook.  You know, because I LOVE IT SO MUCH!

Now I have a neat and tidy virtual bookshelf on my Nook!  Did I mention that I LOVE IT?

4.  Night owl or early riser?
Early riser

5.  Do you have a best friend?

6.  Favorite room in your house?
No.  Can I choose the computer chair?

7.  What do you pride yourself on as a teacher?

Hmmm... I'm a really good classroom manager.

8.  Where do you blog?

Do you want to know the physical location?  The blogs I contribute to?  I'm confused!

9.  Your home alone, somebody rings the doorbell, you don't know them, do you answer the door?
My town has like 1000 people in it.  I know everyone.  But, I would make sure to hold one of my ferocious little dogs just in case I needed protection from the stranger:

10.  When telemarketers call do you listen, tell them you're not interested politely, hang up on them?
I listen.  It might be a survey!  And the survey might be about politics!  And I love giving my opinion!  Other than that, I say, "We're not interested" and then I hang up.  Does that make me a bad person?  Once someone kept calling and calling me and they were talking in this absolute gibberish.  I got so mad!  So the third time they called I jibberished back into the phone at them.  And then they spoke some English.  And they were speaking Dutch and looking for an Amish friend who had given my phone number accidentally as their contact number.  So, I felt like a real jerk!

So... if you want to accept my tagging... please answer the following questions:

1.)  Do you scrapbook?  If so, what's your favorite tool?  If not... why?

2.)  Favorite 80s TV show

3.)  Do you keep your toenails painted?

4.)  What is your favorite bean?  (Mine is lima, in case you're curious!)

5.)  What was your favorite doll's name as a kid?  (Meggie Kay!  And I still have her!)

6.)  Coffee or tea?

7.)  Bath or shower?

8.)  What is your favorite item in your classroom?

9.)  Funniest classroom moment summed up in 10 words or less...

10.)  Either one name you'd NEVER name a child or one name you'd LOVE to name a child based on students you've had in your class... and you don't even have to tell us if it's a NEVER or a LOVE... just the name!  ;)

Jamie at Thrills in Third Grade tagged me too... here are her answers:

1. What state do you teach in?

2. What is your all-time favorite movie?
Anne of Green Gables (love the books too!)  The movie makes me laugh and cry at all the same parts every time... and I'm crazy in love with Gilbert Blythe!

3. Are you a sports fan? What's your favorite team?
4. If you could be anywhere RIGHT NOW, where would that be?
New York City... I was BORN for that life!
5. What was your reason for becoming a teacher?
I love it!  I walked into an elementary school when I was in high school and a choir of heavenly angels sang down upon me as a shaft of light illuminated the foyer of the school from the Heavens.  I am meant to do this!
6. If you had to change professions, what would you do?
I'd be a professional student.  Can I say that?
7. What technology do you have in your classroom? (i.e. Smartboard; document camera; computers;responders, etc)
Document camera, 2 Nooks, Mimio Pad, LCD projector, 3 student comptuers
8. Do you own a pet? What kind? What's your pet's name?
2 dog-sons named Sam and Squeaks
9. If you had to recommend a book for  me to read, what would it be?
One of my favorite favorite books is The Glory Field by Walter Dean Myers.  It chronicles a piece of land that is in an African American family from the family's history in slavery until the present.  It's amazing.  I'd also recommend Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta.  That book is AH-MAZING!
10. What is the best thing you cook?

Hmmm... stuffed meatloaf?  Chicken enchiladas?  I get a lot of recipes from Gina at Skinny Taste.  If you don't know her, you must check her out!

Ok!  Now YOU'RE it!  I'd love for you to answer my questions if you haven't been tagged... then come back and let me know what you did it so I can see what you have to say!

Also, my sale is still going on until Sunday at TpT and Teacher's Notebook!  See yesterday's post for details!  If you'd like a chance to win my 1st grade Treasures spelling units, comment on yesterday's post and I'll choose a winner on Sunday morning!

Friday, April 6, 2012

And then there were three... (and a little giveaway and a little sale!)

...days left of spring break that is.  So, I'm celebrating a file finished, doing a miniscule giveaway, and am having sales to un-celebrate the end of spring break.
Sale at TpT          Sale at Teacher's Notebook

I finished my 1st grade Treasures spelling list packets!!!!!!  I only worked on them for almost 20 hours, in a zombie-like stupor, hunched over my computer, whilst ignoring my husband, dogs, and all I hold dear!

But... I think they're pretty darn good!  And now it's old hat, so the 2nd grade ones should go much quicker!

It's been a process, to say the least, to get them posted though... after several tries, they are finally up and WHOLE on TpT and Teacher's Notebook.  (At first, I had them up as halfsies, because the whole pack wouldn't upload!  SUCCESS!  Now they are there and you get all 6 in the one download!)

Here's what they look like... and if you click HERE, you can get a free copy of Unit 6, Week 1!  I'm closing in on that week, so I figured lots of you probably were too!  If you get a copy, I'd love to know what you think.
And here is what is included:
If you're a 1st grade Treasures user and you think you'd like this set for spelling, leave a comment and I'll pick a lucky winner to get them for free this weekend!  I still can't get over the 248 pages.  That's right... TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY EIGHT.  It's only $2 per unit!


Hubby has today off so we're heading out to have some fun on this... last weekday... of... my spring... break.  Can you just hear the sniffles in my voice?

Thursday, April 5, 2012

What I'm Doing and What I Got For YOU Today!

Thanks for the tips on the teacher bag!  It looks like the 31 bag is a must have for me!  I actually have one of the utility totes that I got from a parent for Christmas last year... I never thought of using that for my teaching stuff, but I'm going to give it a try.  The one I really want is the "Cindy".

Now... what I'm doing...

I've been using spelling "boxes" as the format for my spelling tests this year.  You know- the boxes where there are tall boxes for letters like d and b and long boxes for things like g and y.  It has greatly helped my visual learners and has helped my kiddos so much.

Well, I've been re-vamping my spelling stuff for TpT and it has been a HUGE undertaking.  That's what I was asking for feedback on yesterday.  Well, it turns out that Adobe wasn't embedding my fonts into the documents so now I have to do Word Art to bypass that... which means sizing each piece of Word Art.  But wait!  If I print it with PrimoPDF, it appears to accept the font!

So far, I have Unit 5 and 6 completed for first grade.

So... now (four hours later) I am done with first grade!  I'll be putting it up on TpT and Teacher's Notebook later tonight... I would be so thankful if a 1st grade Treasures user would agree to look at every single one of these packets... it's 252 pages in all... just to make sure everything is correct as, after about 10 hours total of working on this, my brain is totally FRIED!  Which would also mean you're getting it for free!  Drop me a comment with your e-mail if you would do that.  And, I hate to be pushy, but the sooner the better!

It looks something like this:
Each week has word cards (for a word wall or focus wall or sorting activity center or whatever!), two different word lists (vertical and horizontal), spelling handwriting practice, a practice page for writing words in frames, and then the spelling test form.  I have my kiddos write a sentence each week on their test.  Sometimes I dictate it, but most of the time they can write whatever they want.  They have to use at least one spelling word and I check the sentence for caps and ends and spelling.

You could use the lines for whatever- have them write more words that follow the spelling pattern, do a grammar check for the week, have them correct a sentence, etc...

So... I'll be working on Units 1-4 today for 1st grade and *hopefully* I can get them done!

Now... what I got for YOU today...!

Learning Resources sent me a package... here's what is inside:

A "Luna" document camera (which Rachel is having a giveaway for on her blog RIGHT NOW!!!), an Easi-Speak USB recorder, and a "HearAll" voice recorder!  Over the next few weeks, I'll be testing each of them out in my classroom and then offering you one for free as part of a giveaway!

I am so excited!  I'll also be getting another item in the mail to do a test and giveaway with... more on that later but I think you'll love it!

Alright- off to work on the spelling stuff!  Have a good Thursday!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I Need a New Teacher Bag, What I'm Reading, and Need a Volunteer!

Ok, bloggy friends, I need your help!

I need a new teacher bag.

Mine is old and just not cute!

What kind of bag do you have?  Where can I get one?  What do you love about it?


AND... I've just made my first post over at The Best Endings!  I just finished the Gemma Doyle trilogy and I'd love for you to check out the post and see if it's something you'd like to read too!

I'm very needy today... I need you to help me choose a bag, need you to read Gemma so we can talk about it... well, now I need someone who uses "Treasures" to look over a file for me for spelling.  I'd love a 1st and a 2nd grade teacher.  If you'll look over a file for me and provide LOTS of feedback, let me know.  I'll take the first few volunteers and, when the file is done (it's just a skeleton now), I'll send it to ya for free!  Leave me your e-mail address please!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Scooper Giveaway Winners!

Congrats to...
Check your e-mail ladies!

The pack is available at my TpT and Teacher's Notebook shops too!

Today I'm spending a lazy day at home, hoping to work on some new files and read on my Nook!  I was going to go to school but... house slippers, coffee, and listening to "Will and Grace" won!  I think I'll do school on Thursday.

Have a great day!  I'm almost done with the third book in the Gemma Dolye trilogy by Libba Bray and can't wait to finish because 1.) it's great! and 2.) I can finally do a post over at "The Best Endings"!  I'm so excited to be a contributor there, but I've been waiting to post until I've finished my series!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Fractions are SCOOPer Giveaway!

Whoo hoo!  It's the first (and last, I guess) Monday of SPRING BREAK!

I'm headed out in a few to get my roots touched up... they desperately need it.  A few years ago one of my students rushed up to me in a panic and yelled, "Mrs. Bainbridge!  I think your hair is changing colors!"... I've been waiting for that to happen again, that's how bad my roots are!

Anyway... last night I finished up a fraction set using super fun ice cream graphics!  I've posted it in my stores at TpT and Teacher's Notebook, but I'm going to do an impromptu little giveaway too!

I'm especially excited about the game "Serve It Up!".  Students choose a customer card and then spin the spinner to try and build the ice cream the customer requested.  And there's a "Connect 4" type game too that I know my kiddos will LOVE to see in their workstations when they return from spring break!

I also added a little bit jazzier version of the freebie I shared the other day- the fraction ice cream.

All you have to do is leave me a comment with your e-mail and let me know that you follow my TpT store and tomorrow morning I'll choose 4 winners using a random number generator.  That's it!

I'm off to become slightly blonde again... winners tomorrow!

PS- Thanks for your help yesterday with my TpT payment question!  For those of you who were also wondering- Jennifer and Alisha explained that, if you make over $500.00, TpT will automatically mail you a check that takes about 10 days to arrive!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring Cleaning & Question for TpT Sellers... Help!

My husband and I have been cleaning our house since 10am.  It just started out as a routine cleaning, but has developed into a crazy, hardcore day of cleaning EVERYTHING.  I'm taking a break while my husband vacuums upstairs... I'll be heading up to deep clean the carpets when he comes back down!  That's him- over there in the yellow... and you can see me below in the green. 

Anywho- I noticed my "current quarter" reset on TpT, so I assume they will be releasing payments... how does that happen and when?  I only just opened my TpT shop about a month ago, so I've never been through their payment system before.  I know it will go to my Paypal... right?  Do they automatically send a check if you make more than a certain amount?

If you have any insight, I'd love it!  I looked around on the site but couldn't really find an answer.

Hubby is back downstairs... so I guess the break is over!  He just said I should make the caption on the pictures "spring cleaning sucks".  ;)

I'll be posting a new fraction unit in my stores (hopefully!) tomorrow and will give away a few copies on here too... so stay tuned!
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