Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Celebrating Student Success With "Shout Out Tags"!

No matter what you call them, students love getting these dog tags they can wear to show off their success!

These are so easy... all you need is a little bit of time to prep and then you're set for the year.  I make mine all ahead of time and store in a pocket chart.

Come see how it's done...

Print and then laminate.

Get ready to cut with your paper cutter... or scissors if you're more patient than I am!

Chop chop, lollipop!

Time to hole punch!  I have this gigantor hole punch from my old scrapbooking days and I can cut about 15 of these at at time!

I put them on a binder ring until I get to my classroom.

These are some of my favorites from today...

Ready to take the plunge?  This huge (and growing!) pack with over 70 tags is just $4 on TpT!

Saturday, July 16, 2022

Tips For Getting Organized {Wonders Units 1-6 Organized In a Snap plus a 2nd Grade Wonders FREEBIE!!}

How is your summer going?  Mine has been busy!  I have a 4-year old nephew that I'm *slightly* obsessed with and I've gotten to spend a ton of time with him.  I've spent my fair share of time in the pool, walking the dogs, and quality time building up my island in Animal Crossing!  😂

I've also been working on getting organized for school in the fall.  We are getting a new reading program this fall and I've been creating and printing everything to run my centers.  I have structured my reading block using a Daily Five format since 2007... (which just makes me feel old!).  That was my 2nd year teaching and it transformed my classroom.

My students do four activities each week: write the room, work on writing, high frequency word practice, and vocab practice too.  (We do read to self, read to someone, listen to reading, and Lexia too.)  I am still a "paper person" so I like having all of these things printed ahead of time so I don't have to pull up digital copies during the year.

I started by making a spreadsheet of everything going on each week.  And... if you're using 2023 2nd grade Wonders, you can get it for FREE here!

I have it tucked in the front of my crate and also keep a copy at my desk to make lesson planning simpler.

For me, organizing in file folders is my jam.

Come and see how I got everything ready so I just have to pull and print each week!  Because my centers are similarly formatted each week, students learn the routine early and I can have smooth centers which means I can have quality small group time.

I brought this crate home and filled it with all sorts of organization goodness...

Each week has a folder.  The folder has a sticker so I can see at a glance what we are working on.

Inside are the printed recording sheets for all of the weekly activities.  Some weeks I have specific books or games and those are included too.  Having everything in one place saves me so much time!

Write the room- these pink cards are hung around the room and students find them and sort them according to the phonics skill on the recording sheet.  Each week is a different color... unit 1 is always pink.  That helps me stay organized.

Word work (vocab)

Word work (HF words)

Work on writing (connected to the essential question each week)

Fluency reading and grammar for homework


I also have my focus wall cards ready to go.  Each unit is the same color, so all of Unit 1 is purple.  I got this pocket chart this summer and I'm obsessed.  It makes it so easy to pull out the cards each week, put in the new ones, and display our "I can" statments!

How do you stay organized?  Am I the only one holding on to paper copies of stuff?  I just need my hard copies!
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