Thursday, February 27, 2014

Student Teacher Freebie and Sale!

I have a student teacher right now (who is amazing!) and I have asked her to fill out this form weekly to help us talk about things, keep organized, and give her a collection of her thoughts afterwards.  Click the pic to download for FREE!

Also... it's the BIG TpT sale!  Use the code TPT3 to get an EXTRA 10% off... my shop is already 20% off so don't forget the code for more savings!

I'm on a snow day today (our 9th one!) and, after working out and cleaning house all day, I'm ready to SHOP!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Happy Monday! {Sale, Freebie Rewind!, And Other Stuff}

Yay!  Happy Monday, teacher friends!  My week has had a great start and I hope yours has too!

I have a student teacher who just started last week and, I've got to tell ya, I hit the jackpot!  She taught her first lesson today and it was so good... I don't know what more she can learn from me during her time in my room... she's already pretty darn great!

I also loved the sunshine today... it was still ridiculously cold here in Michigan, but I did managed a walk outside after I did my elliptical and it was so nice to get out in the sun!!!!!!!  I wasn't even that bundled up!  Yay!

Have you heard that TpT is having a big SALE on Thursday and Friday?  Check out this banner made by Beth at Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah Designs...

My store will be 20% off and you can get an EXTRA 8% off if you use the code TPT3 when you check out.  I know my wishlist is long, so I can't wait to shop!

Be sure to check out my "Snapshots" for quick assessments, homework, morning work, etc... they'll be on sale!

FREEBIE REWIND!  Just click the pic and be sure to leave some love!

And other stuff...

I don't have much.  Just so happy to see some sun, get outside, and start off the last week of February (can you believe that?!) on such a happy note!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

What's Going On in Room 108

It's been a while, bloggy friends!  I promise I'm trying hard to get back into things... but I have all my "life stuff" going on and they haven't settled down.  BUT I did manage to snag a few quick pics last week so I can show you what we've been doing...

We have an intervention time called "Success Time".  This past week, the groups were composed of kids who missed certain things on a math assessment.  Anyone who needed that specific intervention went to another classroom and I kept my kiddos who didn't need to be re-taught.  We worked on telling time and multiplication, which are things all of our 3rd graders need.

I started with a quick assessment from my 3rd grade "Math Snapshots" pack to see where everyone was at on their telling time to the minute.  We didn't do so hot, so I backed up to time to the 5-minute mark.  We did this classroom hunt, which the kiddos loved!  After we did the hunt, I gave a 2nd grade "Math Snapshot" for telling time to the 5 minute mark.  With the extra practice from the hunt, I only had three who I'll still be working with on their time!

We also played this multiplication game called "Catch 'Em".  The kiddos roll two dice, multiply the numbers and then "catch" the bug on their mat by crossing off that number.  I just printed the pages and put them in a sheet protector.  Then the kiddos use a dry erase marker.  You can get it for FREE by clicking the picture!

We have Monday off and Tuesday we report but not kids.  I have a student teacher starting on Tuesday and I'm so excited!

I hope you all have a great week... I'll try to get back soon!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Valentine's Day is Coming! {Blog Post & Freebie Rewind!}

Valentine's Day has snuck up on me... I have to get busy making these little babies...

Hershey Bars with personalized wrappers!

You can learn all about them and other Valentine's Day ideas (and freebies too!) by clicking the tape below to do a Valentine's Day blog post REWIND!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Come Find Me at Minds in Bloom!

Yoooo hoooo!

I'm over here... at Minds in Bloom today talking about departmentalizing in elementary school!

Minds in Bloom

Please pop over and check the post out... and thanks, Rachel, for having me!  The post should be live in T-minus 3 minutes!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Just Add Kids and Questions- Quick Review Game! {Bright Ideas Blog Hop!}

I'm so excited to be part of the Bright Ideas Blog Hop!  Thanks for hopping over to my blog to check out my Bright Idea!

Today I want to re-share a quick post and video about my FAVORITE quick and easy way to review or do a quick check for understanding.

We play a game called "Back-to-Back".  Here's how it works:

Kids get with a partner and stand back-to-back.

I ask a question- usually using task cards with multiple choice answers.  I have a HUGE collection of them.  I add new ones for upcoming skills and store the "used ones" under my easel.  Here's how I store cards for upcoming skills on my easel.  Then I quickly pop off the set I need for the activity and then hang them back up when we're done:

After I ask the question, the kids use a hand signal (sign language letters) to make their choice and then turn around to show their choice to their partner.

If they have the same answer, they give one high-five.

Then I tell the answer and, if they were right, they do a double high-five and then get back-to-back again.  Then I ask another question and we continue.

I love this.  It lets me see immediately who "gets it" and who doesn't and the kids love playing a game!

Here's a video I made and posted a few years ago... I miss these boys!!!!!  Don't mind my annoying gum chewing... it's gross!

I hope that gives you a quick, fun idea you can implement in your classroom RIGHT NOW!

Time to hop on over to the next blog post by Becca at First Grade in Foxwell Forest!

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