Friday, June 25, 2021

No Prep Phonics A-Z Alphabet Bundle NEW!... and a FREE letter!

Did you see my freebie last week for a compound word NO PREP printable, PDF, or slide deck?

Well... I've been hard at work making them for each letter of the alphabet!  Perfect for kindergarten, 1st grade review, or even intervention.

You can get letter D for free by downloading the preview on TpT!

Introduce the letter...

Read a repetitive passage and search for the sound...

Find words with the sound in a seek and find... this is also GREAT for vocabulary building and oral language because every picture on the page has the anchor sound!

Read or spell FIVE different words with the sound...

Identify the picture that does not belong...

I am so proud of these and hope you will love them too!  Click the pic at the top to download the freebie for letter D!

Monday, June 21, 2021

Compound Words FREEBIE For You!

Are you still sticking around this little blog of mine?  Hey, I'm posting just a month after my last post... so that's better that it's been in a long time!

I've been enjoying the last week of no school after a crazy year of 100% online teaching.

But, now it's time to start (slowly!) thinking about next year.

I'm going back to 2nd grade and looping with my kiddos, so that means I need some new activities and also want to keep doing things digitally as much as I can.  I'm a crazy "paper person" who needs hard copies and likes my binders full of papers organized in sheet protectors... but I'm trying!

So, I'm making some digital phonics resources for next year and you can have the COMPOUND WORDS set for FREE!

I know compound words isn't strictly "phonics", but I couldn't resist as we will cover this next year.

For each of these packs, there are five activities.  Right now I'm thinking I will do one each day.  Here's the run-down for compound words:

1- Monday: introduce the concept

2- Tuesday: read a passage and circle compound words.  I plan to project this onto my whiteboard and let the kiddos use the "magic pen" (ie. interactive pen that is just too cool) to come up and circle compound words while we read together.

3- Wednesday: seek and find fun!  For each of these, there are 10 pictures to read and find... but every picture follows the skill the conversation possibilities and teachable moments are endless!  Not to mention opportunities for vocabulary instruction too!

4- Thursday: look at the picture, write the word.  There are five different words each week.

5- Friday: Read the sentences and figure out which picture doesn't belong.

I'm excited to implement this in the fall.  I fell in love with PearDeck last school year so I'm thinking I may turn some of these into PearDecks too, once we learn the routine and students can be more independent.

I hope you'll head over to TpT and download the FREEBIE to see it for yourself.  Let me know what you think!
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