Saturday, February 6, 2016

Bulletin Board Freebie!

Can you believe I whipped this up all during my 30-minute planning period?  True story!

Each 3rd grade classroom worked to come up with 10 things they liked about 3rd grade.  We hung them up and... instant, engaging bulletin board!

I made the word "LOVE" with some garland I happened to have on hand... and the large heart at the top is actually covering up a spot where I didn't have enough of the bulletin board border!

You can snag the printables for this bulletin board on TpT for free by clicking the pic above!

Enjoy and happy Valentine's Day!

Looking for other fun Valentine's Day goodies?

Check out the partner play in this winter play pack...
Candy bar wrappers... this file even includes an editable Powerpoint so you can add your students' names on the back of the wrappers!

And homework pass goodies!
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