Monday, May 4, 2015

End of the Year Ideas {and some for next year too... and maybe a FREEBIE!!!}

Today was "Bridge Day"... everyone in the district moved up a grade for a few hours this morning.

I had a room full of 2nd graders... and now... the reality is setting in that the year is almost over!

I LOVE my class this year so so so so so much!  I always love all of my classes, but this group is extra special and I am not excited about seeing them go at the end of the year!

I want to do some things to make the end of the year special for them, so we'll be making a memory book combined with our monthly photos.

I have this pack up for free on TpT.  We do a picture and writing every single month and I hang them in our "baggie quilt" in the hallway...

Each month, the new pic and writing goes in the front so we'll soon be pulling all of these out and putting them in chronological order.  I love this because now every student has a book with a picture and writing sample {just a quick one!} to look back on for every month this school year.  I pulled all of the pages out of a few when I put in the pics for this month and it's AMAZING how much they've grown!

After we organize them in chronological order, I'll bind them into a book... and put some memory book pages in the back that we can work on the last few days of school.  It's a pretty simple memory book but I find my kiddos start getting sloppy when I do really long ones, so we'll try this quick one this year.

I know it's May so it's too late to do the pics and monthly writing now, but please stock this idea away and do it next year!

You can get the memory book for FREE!!!!  Click the pic below!

I also will be passing out awards at the end of the year.  I love doing this ceremony because EVERYONE will get recognized for something... from "Quiet as a..." for that one who is always so silent to "No Dust Bunnies" for your sweetie with a clean desk, there is literally something for everyone in here!  They're quick to complete in PowerPoint and everyone smiles and gets excited waiting to see what they'll be recognized for!

One last thing... did you know TpT is having their TEACHER APPRECIATION SALE Tuesday and Wednesday???  Stock up for next year and save 28%... just use the code "Thank You" at check out to get 10% extra off and save 20% in my store automatically too!
Thanks, Ashley Marquez, for the image!!!

What do you need for next year???  SNAPSHOTS!  Show What You Know!  Guided reading passages!  3rd grade assessments!  Quick and easy newsletters!  Quick and easy parent notes!  Wax Museum organization!  ThoughtMARKS for comprehension!  Writer's Notebooks!

Happy shopping!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Award Winners!

Check out the widget below to see if you are a lucky winner of my Editable Awards pack!

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