Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Student Christmas Ornaments {I'm OBSESSED!}

I am obsessed with the student ornaments I am giving my kiddos this year...

Take a look- I made this one for my little nephew to show you the finished product!

I bought the round, flat-ish ornaments (similar to these on Amazon) at Michael's and used my Cricut to cut each students' name with the year... and, of course, a heart!  I placed this on each ornament.

I have tons of small pom-poms and I'm going to let my students choose about 20 to put inside of their ornaments, which I think they will absolutely LOVE!

Did you see my post over the weekend with my favorite easy parent gift ornaments?  Click the link below to find out more!

I've been out sick the last two days, so I'm looking forward to heading back in to see my cherubs tomorrow!  Hope all are hanging in there on these last few weeks until the holidays!

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Easiest, Cutest Student Made Ornaments!

You read that right... you have stumbled upon the easiest and CUTEST student made ornaments!

These are so simple.  No cutting, no painting, no days to dry, no gobs of money to spend... in fact, you only need five items to make these and I guarantee that you have FOUR of them in your classroom right now.

You need:

*popsicle sticks
*permanent markers
*pipe cleaners

Those are the four things you already have.

The only things you need to buy are holiday cupcake wrappers.


Students take 3-4 cupcake wrappers.  My kiddos used three big ones and one little one.

Flatten them.

Rub glue on the back of each one, fold in half, rub glue on the half, and fold over again.

Then, arrange on top of each other like a tree.

Teacher adds a stick on the back with hot glue, students write their name and the year, punch a hole in the top, and twist on a pipe cleaner!  I got mine at the Dollar Tree!

I loved seeing my students' faces light up when they saw the finished product... the best part... it only took 30 minutes to do this entire project with my class of 26 second graders!

Of course, if you want a more ambitious project, you can check out what we'll be doing this coming week.  We're making another ornament using pre-cut wood slices.  I got these from Amazon for around $18.00 for 30 of them.   (Click either pic to check them out on Amazon- affiliate link!)

We'll be starting these in the upcoming week.  Here's the sample I made... I just painted three of my fingers white, pressed on the wood slice, and decorated with Sharpies when the paint was dry!  I know my kiddos will LOVE making these for their families and they'll have a pair of ornaments to take home for the holidays!

That's it!  Two cute, easy ornaments that are perfect for my kiddos and yours this holiday!
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