Saturday, June 4, 2022

36 Week of Digital Morning Meeting Activities!

Happy "almost one year since I blogged anniversary"!  Seriously.  How was this school year filled with more challenges than the last one when district was fully remote?!  Somehow it was.

Don't get me wrong.  I am SO glad we were back in-person this year.  I loved being with my 2nd graders in person and was lucky to loop with my whole entire 1st grade class that I had virtually the year before. 

On one hand, it's hard to believe the school year is just a week from being over... on the other, it's been a long year!

BUT... that hasn't stopped me from already planning, thinking, and prepping for the year to come.  My kiddos don't know it yet, but I'll be teaching a 2/3 split and looping AGAIN with some of them as 3rd graders!

So, that means I have to spice things up and do new things.  This year we had a great routine for morning meeting and I've decided to turn it into a virtual routine for the coming year.  This way everything I need is prepped and ready for me every single day.  And, the good news is, I am making it available on TpT too!

You will get THIRTY SIX WEEKS of digital Morning Meeting fun (or transition time or PM Wrap-up or after lunch chill time or whatever you need a few minutes of engaging activities for...) and I promise your kiddos will love it.  Mine especially looked forward to "Travel Tuesday" this year.  We went around the globe learning facts about different countries.  I'm excited to share the other fun days with them too... such as...

"Memorize it Monday" where they study a picture and answer questions about it.
"Travel Tuesday" where you will explore the world.
"Would You Rather Wednesday" where students can justify their choice from sometimes very silly choices.
"Think About it Thursday" where you can discuss a quote or scenario to build SEL skills.
"Funny Friday" where you can read some fun (and some corny!) jokes.

It is not yet finished... but I'm hard at work and actually have 18 weeks done (just not all 18 are uploaded)... so that means it is currently only FOUR DOLLARS.  It will increase to $12 when all 36 weeks are added.


Yes, you heard that correctly.

You can spend four little bucks now and access all 36 weeks by the time you roll back in to school in August!

Check out the preview file to see the first week!

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