Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Classroom Photos

Right now summer school is in full swing. I am trying to take advantage of the extra time in my classroom to start getting organized for the fall... so I've been arriving for summer school and hour early and staying an hour or so after. I think I've gotten a lot done! The last day is June 30 and I hope to have enough ready that I can enjoy my July... my husband and I are going on a trip to New York City (YESSSS!) and I want to enjoy it without feeling guilty for not going in to school!

I hope you'll enjoy these photos of Room 10! So far, I'm liking this blogging thing... but did update my classroom site today too with tons of pictures of my CAFE pensieve. So, check that out too!

This is my writing table. Thank you friends, for supporting this project on Donor's Choose for me!

Here's the mess behind my desk! Can you see my colorful bins from Lakeshore Learning? I love that weekly organizer! The pink crates are filled with picture books that are organized by 6 Traits (in the one on the left) and best books for modeling specific reading comprehension skills (the one on the right). There's also a crate in the middle turned on its side. That has my Daily Five, writing workshop, and reading comprehension binders that are huge resources to me all through the year. That crate also has certain Mailbox books and other "teacher" books that I can't live without!

Happy Birthday! So far mine is the only candle!

My summer school kids are enjoying this new book nook I created! Comfy pillows, a place to stretch the legs, and a view of the playground... what could be better?

Check out this fun stuff that we do sometimes at morning meeting!

Even more fun goodies!

We love the Daily Five!

Here's my easel and chair where I sit. I'm really digging that apple footstool underneath!

Here's the view of part of our classroom library!

The rest of the library... and then kid "stuff" on the right!

I have totally rearranged the room for next year and made myself a little corner of the board to use just with my reading groups! Here it is!

The math wall!

Just a peek at my guided reading organization. I run strategy groups and leveled groups. These drawers contain materials for my leveled groups.

Here's our rug! Another Donor's Choose blessing!

This is my guided reading table. Notice the little easel... I love it! Notice the fan... my room is hot!

This is my bulletin board... just for me! :)

Love the built in bookshelf! Perfect for my teacher books and all my resource books too.
This is the view from the door. I just made the leap from desks to tables and am using my summer school kids as a sort of guinea pig... so far they are liking it and I am too!

More "guided reading" organization and goodies. The two boxes on the bottom right- the sight word kits- are two of the most expensive but best investments I have made in my classroom! I love them!!!!! Sadly, I just looked up the link for you and saw they have been discontinued. If you're up for a hunt, I know you'd be happy once you located them!


  1. Thanks for the peek into your room. I love seeing how other teachers design their rooms. If I were in your class, the new book nook would be where I would head!

  2. Thanks! I just traded my desks for tables and I'm pretty excited!

  3. I am so jealous! I can't get to my classroom until August.

    Simply 2nd Resources

  4. You have a fabulous classroom library! I love your class site. It provided me the inspiration to move mine from a host with a template to creating my very own from scratch. I'm so excited to see you with a class blog. I also have a teaching blog and I would love it if you would check it out!

    Mrs. Randall’s Learning Library

  5. I just found your site and I love your tables! Do you happen to know where they were purchased?

  6. Love looking at your room. My classroon is going through a makeover this summer. Wish I had your space.


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