Sunday, October 16, 2011

Printer Woes and a Fact Family Freebie

At the risk of sounding like the world's biggest baby, let me tell you about my printer this past week...

It has been finicky. After running out of ink when I had just two pages of my long/short o sorting cards (at which time I cried for 15-minutes because it was after 9pm and the nearest store for ink is 15 minutes away... luckily, my wonderful husband saved the night and went to get some ink), then jamming up yesterday while I was trying to print things, today it isn't working at all. AT ALL. I'm panicking! I print all. the. time. Every day. Doesn't it know that today is Sunday and I have a newsletter to print as well as fun activities for my kiddos for next week???

So, now I've e-mailed several documents to myself at school and will have to print them there tomorrow. But, here's what usually happens when I e-mail myself stuff to print at school:

I get there a little earlier than usual so I can print my things off and then make copies. And, almost without fail, every time the internet is down. Or I can't log on to the network. And then I can't print. Hopefully I'll be able to successfully print my items tomorrow morning!

Anyway... here's something we're doing in math this week since my 2nd graders are working on fact families.

If you find it useful, please leave me a little love in the comments! Also, do you have a printer you love that isn't an HP? Let me know about it!


  1. It's Murphy's Law - don't you know? Things usually happen in three's right (Boy, don't I sound like a kook)? So I think you're okay...

    Love the fact family house! I have several versions of this and like to have my kids practice a lot with this can be tricky for some, but I tell you when you use the house they just get it. We refer to the big number as "Daddy" the smaller number as "Baby" and the middle number as "Momma"...

    Come on over and check out my blog when you get a chance...would love to have you over! :)

  2. I feel your pain, I have printed so much since finding blog land this summer that my husband is FREAKING out about the cost of ink!! I tried to help him out by ordering recycled cartridges online - guess what they are horrible!! The Cyan just quit working in the middle of an activity I don't know why there is plenty of ink in there and it's dripping all over me when I try to tip it over and check out the bottom where it actually comes out in the printer, the black was unreadable at first, now that I actually got it printing all of the colors are printing black - even on the test page back ink is mixed in with yellow and magenta, still no cyan....UGG and nothing is actually printing in the black space!! I've been working on it for hours and decided to give up! I also emailed myself - I'll be hoping along with you that it works in the morning!!

  3. Thanks for the freebie! I switched to a Kodak printer and LOVE it! The ink is cheaper and seems to last longer and it prints quickly too! My old HP was a cheapie that took foreeeeever to print! I do a ton of printing too, so speed and ink costs were the deciding factors for me!I have the Kodak ESP C310.

    Jennifer @ herding Kats In Kindergarten

  4. This is perfect timing for me. Hubs just got back from Sam's club with ink for my HP printer. He said (for the umpteenth time) that we need a better printer so that ink costs go down. I am going to check out that Kodak printer Jennifer just talked about!!! :) (Although I am nervous because this HP printer has never failed me. Just runs out of ink but that's it)
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  5. I feel your pain. . .been there before. Sometimes if I shut down my printer and my computer. . . walk away for a few hours, then turn it all back on, it magically works!
    Thanks for sharing this fact house. I like how I can give my students each different sets of numbers to work on.

  6. We can't print in color at school and internet is always down when I need to print there. Like you, I print all the time! Everyday! I would hate to figure out what I spend on ink...might have to buy stock! I'd love for you to check out my blog.
    2B Honey Bunch

  7. Love the fact family. My HP all in one had some issues at the beginning of September. I had purchased it at Costco almost 2 years ago. I called the local store and was told to bring it back for a full refund or an exchange for a new one. Needless to say I picked out a new one that used the same ink I had already stockpiled. I won't buy anywhere else!

  8. Love this fact family sheet! We've already been over fact families, but it would be a great review, and I will definitely be using it next year!

  9. My husband and I have sworn off HPs. We have had a Canon for years now and it has been great.
    Finally in First

  10. I send myself files at school but often, they're too big so they bounce back - but I didn't know that until I got school! Ay-yi-yi! So now, I put them on a flash drive that I carry back and forth; The problem is that we can't print in color unless I send them to the district. I, too, have an HP and I do love it - unless it's finicky, which happens frequently. But the printing is so crisp, which I love. Ah....maybe someday the color laser printers will be cheaper. (Or pigs could fly.) I hope your day is a better one.Lisa

  11. I have an Epson that I love! I can't print color at school so most of my color printing happens at home and my printer works great. I've only had it since August (got it during our tax free weekend) and I've only had to replace the black cartridge. The great thing about Epson printers is that you only have to replace the small individual cartridge and they are very reasonably priced - a black cartridge only cost me around $10. :)


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