Sunday, July 29, 2012

Where Did You Get Those Magnetic Book Holders???

On Friday, I did an all around my room tour on my blog (see it HERE) and the most common question people wondered is where I got those magnetic book holders... I got them from Calloway House.  Here is the link for them.

Today was the Michigan Blogger Meet Up and it was SO fun!  I'm exhausted from spending the day in Chicago yesterday and then loads of driving today to get to the meet-up on the other side of the state.  It was totally worth it though!  We met at Biggby which, for you non-Michiganders, is a delicious coffee shop!  So I got to have my favorite grande caramel mellow latte hot and skinny with no whip... YUM!  We had great conversation, goodie bags, homemade cookies, giveaways, and a great sharing of ideas!  Sadly, I didn't take any pictures...  :(  But I'm sure there will be some floating around in blogland soon from the responsible ones who were there!

Yesterday in Chicago, I shopped all day with a friend... where I bought a new watch that is super BLINGY...
 and some amazing perfume...

and then we met up with my hubby and her fiancee for dinner at Medieval Times!  It was *SO* much fun!!!!!  Our knight didn't win... sadly.  But there was a dancing pony.  A DANCING PONY.  That could kneel down on the ground.  And a falcon that flew around the arena.  And we ate dragon ribs, dragon legs, dragon scales, and dragon blood... all of which tasted oddly like pork, chicken, bread, and tomato soup.  :) Here's me and the hubs getting ready to cheer on the Black and White Knight!

My hubs has the week off, so I'm going to try really hard to do the right thing and not go to school so we can hang out.  We're going to go do something for a few days... but we don't know where or what yet!  So, if you don't see any blog updates you know I'm off doing something fabulous!

I will be back tomorrow though to link up with Fourth Grade Frolics for a Monday Made It!  I'm pretty psyched about what I made!


  1. I'm super jealous! I'm from Michigan originally, and I love Biggby! (In fact, I have a travel mug from them that still says Beaners.) Glad you had fun in Chicago (which is where I live now!).

    Mrs. Webster’s Classroom Connections

  2. I'm in LOVE with the beautiful watch ! Must know more details : ) I'm thinking birthday gift for myself when the time comes ! hehe


  3. Can't wait to see what you made for Made It Monday!
    Funky First Grade Fun

  4. Sunday nights always have me excited about Monday mornings because of Monday Made It!!! :)

    Marvelous Multiagers!

  5. The pictures are uploading very. slowly!!! I will have them up soon! I am also jealous of your fancy watch!!! Great meeting you today!!!

  6. I am so bummed that I wasn't able to make the meet up this time :( glad you all had a great time though!

  7. Like Amy, I'm bummed that I couldn't make it to the meetup this time. Next time! So glad you all had fun :)


  8. Thanks for the info on the book holders! I thought I was excited about those last time, but now my attention has been diverted by that gorgeous watch!!!

  9. Thanks for the magnetic bookshelf information. I just went and ordered a set. I have a feeling I will be wishing I ordered two when they get here but I wanted to be sure.

    room 4 imagination


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