Thursday, February 28, 2013

When Life Gives You a Snow Day...

When life gives you a snow day, you smile and rejoice!

When life gives you a snow day during a week in which you already only had three scheduled days of school due to mid-winter break, you panic when you realize that now you only have a TWO day week.

If you're me, you probably fly by the seat of your pants a little bit.

Well, that happened today after yesterday's snow day and Monday and Tuesday's already planned days off.  True story.

I was trying to shove helping verbs down my students' throats and was trying to think of a more fun way to do it than what I was doing... so I pulled up the Hunting for Helping Verbs file I made to display the little poster to help define helping verbs.

And then I arrowed down (like how I just made that verb up?) to the next page which was page one of a classroom hunt.  Well (thank you snow day for ruining the chance of having time for a classroom hunt this week) I had them pull out their white boards and we did the hunt as it was displayed on the screen and, instead of walking around the room to find the cards and record on their recording sheets, they just wrote the answers on their boards and held them up for me to see!

I was able to use my Mimio Pad to write on the screen and they just wrote helping and main verbs on their boards!

It was beautiful!  Of course, I still prefer to have them doing the hunt on their own... but it was quick, easy and helped me make lemonade out of my snow day.  I'm not complaining... I love a good snow day!

With that said, pray for spring friends... because I hear we've used up our days and if we miss anymore we'll be going to school in June!  Right now we're done May 31... so... No Boom Boom for snow!

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  1. As much as I am ready for the snow to be gone, I could definitely use another snow day. I have only had ONE this year!
    Enchanting Elementary

  2. I live in NC and we don't have built in snow days so if we ever get snow, which isn't often, (but we've had a few flurries this winter), and they happen to close, we automatically make those days up during spring break! Yikes! But the weather is supposed to warm up next week so I think we'll get our full break this year ;)


  3. We haven't had a snow day yet this year, but we had two "rain" days for Hurricane Sandy.

    Everyone deServes to Learn

  4. Your blog is so cute!! I'm your newest follower!!
    Science for Kids Blog

  5. Love the newsletter and thanks so much!
    We haven't had one single stinking snow day in Northeast Ohio.
    We could have used one this week! :)

  6. Great way to "fly by the seat of your pants!" I love this adjustment. I hope I can recall it when I need to! :) Thanks for sharing - love your blog. Look forward to your newsletter!


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