Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Last Minute St. Patty's Freebie!

I'm feeling generous and yesterday was my 1 year TpT-aversary and I have slacked in the blogging since last week as I've been sick... BOO!  I even missed my first sick day all year yesterday.  I got a glowing note from my sub and, when I thanked my kiddos for it, one little lady's eyes were literally bulging out of her head while others were frantically shaking their heads "No" at the thanks.  I said, "I take it you didn't make great choices then?" and got a lot of "Nos" back.  I was still feeling woozy this morning, so I let them off the hook.  Loved the shocked expressions though when I began to slather on the praise!

Anywho, today I'm sharing a little last minute St. Patty's Day freebie with you!

This comes from my "Sweet Treats" pack on TpT.  The pack has 34 different holiday/event Hershey bar wrappers that you can print and use in class.  I used mine for Valentine's Day and they were a huge hit...

I'm happy to share the St. Patty's Day wrappers with you!  I usually do a little something for St. Patty's Day and this was so quick and easy and loved by my kiddos at V-Day that I'm sure they'll be excited to get another one!  {PS- this gal loved the price tag too!  It was something like $0.52 per bar or some crazy amount!  Hooray and thank you to my best best friend, Target, for selling them so cheaply!}

The file on TpT is a zipped file that even has an editable file that allows you to type a message on the wrappers... Google Docs isn't liking my zipped file right now.  I've tried twice to upload it but it just freezes... so I'm just sharing the PDF of the wrappers... but I hope you'll love it anyway!

Click the pic to download!
On a side note, if you have already bought this pack, I added four new ones tonight you can give to your kiddos as a good-bye and to welcome in SUMMER!  Just go to your dashboard and re-download to enjoy the update!

Speaking of St. Patty's Day... you can still enter to win a beautiful PEEGE!  I'll announce the winner on St. Patrick's Day!

Wondering what a PEEGE even is?  Haven't entered yet?  Click HERE to head to that post to learn more!

Phew... one more thing...

I posted about this recycled St. Patty's freebie a bit ago... but if you missed it, you can click again to get a gentle reminder!

That's it!  Now that I'm no longer sick and feeling slightly more human, I'll try and do better with my blogging this week!  We are working on a cute little main and helping verb bulletin board today... so hopefully I can get a picture of that up this week too.  It's an oldie, but a goodie for those of you who have been on Pinterest or the blogging world for a little while... but they were so excited when we started working on it today!!!


  1. Thanks for sharing your adorable candy bar wrappers with us!


    Smiling and Shining in Second Grade

  2. Love the candy bar wrappers- thanks for sharing:-)


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