Thursday, August 7, 2014

Three fer Thursday {WRITING! WRITING! WRITING!}


A sentence in and of itself.  This is one area where we don't get a lot of guidance as teachers... we have a basal we can refer to when we need guidance for reading and a teacher's edition that helps us guide math instruction.  But sometimes it's hard to know exactly where to go or what pace to follow for teaching writing.

Today's 3 fer Thursday's focus is on WRITING!  I'm doing 3 product types today- units, notebooks, and portfolio.  And... if you missed the big TpT sale earlier this week, now's your chance to get 20% off these writing resources!

First up...

Opinion and narrative writing units- both of these units include loads of resources for introducing opinion and narrative (fictional and personal) writing to your students.  Narrative writing is one of my favorite things to teach, and my kiddos love doing this unit every year.  It's amazing what you can pull out of kids' when they understand authors' craft and style!

Next up...

Writer's Notebooks- this is a new product in my shop and has been met with GREAT feedback from teachers who love it as much as I do!  I started developing this mid-way through last school year and my students L-O-V-E-D working in their writer's notebook!  Each product contains over 100 pages with "Teach Me" pages (essentially the bones of a mini-lesson) and then an interactive "My Turn" page for students to practice the skill they were taught in the mini-lesson.  Basic grammar, opinion, narrative, and informational writing units are included in these interactive notebook packs!  The two packs contain the same skills and sequence but are leveled appropriately for grades 1-2 and grades 3-5.

Last... want to truly see how students have grown as writers?  Check out "The WRITE Stuff:  Year Long Portfolio" pack.  This includes monthly writing prompts for opinion, narrative, and informative writing, ways for students to talk about their writing, and ways for students to examine their own writing.  This huge collection is easy to implement and add to each month so students can clearly see how they have grown and changed as writers.

That's it!  Feel free to share your amazing writing resources in the comments... check these out too... 20% off today only!


  1. Oh, how I loved teaching writing and what great resources you offer! I used Writer's Workshop in my classroom and the kiddos grew so much! It's so amazing to see little ones put their thoughts on paper! I recently created a Writer's Workshop Getting Started Pack to help, well, get Writer's Worksop started in your classroom!

  2. I love to teach writing too Christina! Your resources look fabulous! I just love the personal nature of written expression. Thanks for sharing.

    The Write Stuff Teaching


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