Sunday, December 7, 2014

We're Proud of OurELF! {Freebie!}

This is actually more of a re-beeie, than a freebie since it's one I've shared before.  BUT, it's one of my favorites and we use it all year long!

I have a Zip-lock Baggie quilt in my hallway and every month, we add a photo and a bit of writing to our quilt to make a festive display...

We just made our December page.  Each kid's picture was taken, as usual, and then we used an app on my iPad called "Make Me Santa" to elf up our pics.  The kids had SO much fun!  Then I just printed them on the color printer at school and we added them to our "I'm so proud of myELF" page!

You can get a copy of the page we created.  We do one a month and put them in the quilt... at the end of the year, each kid will have all of their pages.  We bind them together to make a great memory book/keepsake!

Click the pic for your freebie on TpT!


  1. I love this idea!! What a great keepsake at the end of the year!! I am for sure starting this right now!! Thanks so much!!!


  2. What a FABULOUS idea! I love how you make the quilt out of ziploc bags so they are economical.
    I may just have to try this out.
    Thanks for sharing!
    :0) Melissa
    More Time 2 Teach


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