Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Holiday Party Saga: The Control Freak Teacher {Aaaaand... Freebie!}

Admit it.  You're a control freak too.  And, nothing brings that out in more more than class parties.  I love them.  But I dread that feeling of out-of-controlness... so mine are organized.  Maybe more organized chaos than strictly organized.

BUT... I have to run stations and students rotate through them at scheduled intervals.  I am usually lucky to have a plethora of parent helpers so that I can meander through the room, snapping pictures, and having fun with my kiddos.

Tomorrow is the day for our Christmas party!

We will be...

1.) Playing "Christmas JINGO"... I have the JINGO games for all holiday parties and LOVE them.

2.) Making edible Christmas trees... always a sugar-ified hit.

3.) Making an ornament craft.  Hello 60% off of Christmas at Michael's!  I stocked up and bought some for next year too!

4.) Playing a "Roll and Cover" multiplication game from the fabulous Fourth and Ten.  I printed these in color and slipped into page protectors.  Students can check off boxes and wipe off for the next crew!

5.) Making Christmas cards... silently at our seats.  Click the pic to score this freebie!  I'll even add more for other holidays as the year rolls on.

So, for about 40 minutes, students will be rotating through those five activities.  I may even get wild and crazy and not assign them where to go but instead just put a limit of 6 kids at any activity at any one time.

How's your week looking?  And... are you crazy about controlling your parties too?  The thought of it turning into a giant free-for-all is petrifying to me!


  1. Hey friend, had our party today, controlled chaos ;). Hope all is well with you, we are great. Take care and have a wonderful break, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year! I will be working a lot I think, I am getting a special needs kiddo after break, and I have lots to get ready for him.

  2. I used to be pretty uptight but now I'm not so much. Maybe it's an age thing? My kiddos plan them each year and some years are stellar while others are cringe worthy. I just sit back and let them unfold and then talk about them later with my teacher friends. HA!

    I hope you have a great Christmas, Christina!

    Holly :)

  3. Now these are really nice ideas for cute little learners dear. At my holiday party I also wanted to do something like this to keep kids calm and then I took help of a friend who is also a teacher. She did really a great job.


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