Monday, February 8, 2021

Classroom Games Virtually (An Easy How-to!)

I LOVE playing games in the classroom.  We play games every week in my classroom and I have had to find a way to do that virtually, as we've been remote teaching since spring 2020 (thanks, Covid).

Google Slides is my best friend for playing games with my kids virtually.

Here's what you do.

1- save the gameboard that you want to use as an image.  I am using the editable board template file that is available on TpT.  Everything opens in Google Slides and you can easily type in the words you want to use.  To save the file as an image, click "file", "download", "PNG image".

Click to check it out!  There's a link to a FREEBIE in the product listing.

2- make a new Google Slide file by typing

3- add the image that you saved as the background.  This makes it so kids can't accidentally move it!  (Click "background" and choose the file that you saved.")

4- add circles or other clipart for your counters.

5- add a video clip for dice.  I love this one.  Click to roll, click to stop.

6- change the permissions so everyone has access, share the link your kiddos in the chat if you want them to be able to interact (or just share your screen and interact for them if that works better!), and BOOM!  I also make multiple slides and tell the kids which one they are to play on. 

I teach 1st grade and they CAN DO THIS!

Here is another one we played this week.  So easy and SO fun!

I hope that helps you add some partner play to your classroom!

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