Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Bucket Filling... How It Works for Me

I shared some classroom pictures over the weekend and got a few questions about my Bucket Filler pocket chart.

Here's how it works... each student has a "spot" on the chart.  I printed numbered slips and used Modge Podge to affix them to my chart.  The chart is one of my secret hoard of $1 pocket charts from Target.

I have some business cards that I printed at Vista Print that say "Dear ___, Thanks for filling my bucket!  From your friend, ___".  Kids can fill out the names and then must write a brief message on the back of the card.  Then they put them in their friends' spaces in the chart.  I have a list of student names and numbers hanging next to the chart on the wall so students can look up which number belongs to which student if they do not know.

Students know when they are allowed to fill these out- and they cannot be filled out during instruction or working time.  They can fill them out in the morning, after lunch during my read aloud, or at the end of the day after we've packed up.

It works out well.  It's quick and easy and they love seeing the cards pile up during the week.  We check these on Fridays... unless this girl forgets about it!  I usually have 25 little people reminding me though!

If you click HERE you can head to that blog post to download the "Bucket Fillers" sign for free!


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