Friday, August 2, 2019

Math Vocabulary Cards- Organization and a Freebie!

First of all, how is it August?!  This summer has flown by.  I've actually spent a lot of time relaxing and have spent a lot of time working on stuff for school, which is one of the ways I relax!

The last few days I've been working on some math vocabulary cards.

This was my situation earlier today...

A mountain of laminated word cards to cut out.  Thank goodness for my little laminator though!  Its definitely gotten a workout this summer!

Chum, my little helper, has been overseeing this project today.

So, I cut out all of the word cards for each of the 8 math modules for 2nd grade.  I hole punched them and put them on separate binder rings.

Each card has a number on the bottom- this is the 2.7 ring.  That's for 2nd grade Module 7!  This will make it so easy to sort them out and keep them organized!

Then I thought I should make "covers" for each binder ring set.

And, now my rainbow order obsessed heart is happy!

You can get the first set of cards for FREE!  Doesn't matter if you use the same program as me or not... the cards can definitely be used with any math!

Click the picture below to check out the bundle of all 8 modules.  You can find the Module 1 freebie there!

And, maybe your kiddos are quicker at transitions than mine... but I found I was losing 4-5 minutes a day on math instruction due to transitions during our math workshop time!  I figured out a fix for this and a way to capitalize on those lost minutes to make the waiting meaningful!

Check out these 284 MATH TRANSITION CARDS!


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