Friday, August 5, 2022

Calm Down Corner Printable Cards

We all know that SEL is important in the classroom; teaching students to recognize and manage their emotions has become more important than ever.

Most classrooms have a "Calm Down Spot" whether you call yours a safe place, the cool down spot, the break place... whatever it is, they serve the same function: providing students a place where they can get away from what is stressing them and focus on returning to a place where they are ready to learn.

In my classroom, I have a desk off to the side where students can go when they need to remove themselves from emotional frustrations.  With some modeling and explicit teaching, they do use this place and it does help!

I like to have "distractors" in my Calm Down Spot so that students can calm their minds by focusing on breathing and something positive, rather than the stress of the moment.

This year I am adding some "Calm Down Cards" to my spot.  These are laminated cards with different types of activities that students can do to refocus.  The activities promote concentration, breathing, and are fun too!

Activities include using senses like hearing and sight to visualize different locations in "Picture It!", guided breathing in "Just Breathe", finding the odd one out in "Spot the Difference", concentrating to solve a maze, finding hidden objects, and a set called "Blow" which will have students doing deep breathing without realizing they are doing it!

This is one example from the "Find It!" cards.  I know students will enjoy the opportunity this provides to refocus and chill so they are ready to learn.

This pack with over 40 printable cards is available on TpT for just $4!

I hope you'll click the link and check out the preview to see all that is included.  Feel free to leave a comment sharing how you promote emotional regulation and/or about your calm down spot!


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