Tuesday, August 2, 2022

A Whole YEAR of Digital Morning Meetings... YES!

Do you morning meeting in your classroom?  This is one of my favorite times of the day.  We greet each other, we learn, we laugh... what a way to build community!

In an attempt to streamline my meeting, keep consistency, and ensure students are engaged, I have created an entire year... 36 weeks of digital Morning Meeting activities.  Simply add kids and you are good to go!

Each week follows this format...

On Monday, students memorize a picture and then answer three questions about the details in the photo...

On Tuesday, students will travel to another country to learn more about our world.  Each "Travel Tuesday" lists facts about the country.  Teachers may want to look at these ahead of time to tell more about the famous person or the foods.

Wednesday is full of "Would You Rather" goodness as students choose between- sometimes very silly- options!

Thursday is all about character building.  Each week presents either a quote (odd weeks) or a scenario (even weeks) that allows students to think about social-emotional situations and their responses.

And, finally, Friday ends the week with a laugh.  Each Friday is a silly joke and its answer...

I tested these out on my 2nd graders the last week of school and they LOVED them.  We had been following a similar format during the year, but having the visuals displayed on the board for the activities instantly increased engagement and excitement.

We start each meeting with a class greeting.  And... I have those for you too!  Twenty-five different greetings... means you can do one a day for a month and never repeat!  

For myself, I opened the Morning Meeting file in Slides and then added a greeting slide in front of each day.  This way it's all in one place!

When you buy the Morning Meeting slides, you actually get the greetings FOR FREE!!!!!!

So, what are you waiting for?  Jazz up your Morning Meeting, be prepared for the entire year, and start the day off building community every single day!


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