Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Present, and Purple Cows!

A present!  Look at what one of my super crafty little 2nd grade girlies made for me this weekend...

And here's the inside...

I love it!  It's probably 18 inches high and 16 wide so it will fit lots of folders and papers... perfect for the "over flow" that doesn't fit in my normal teacher bag!

This is the same sweetie who pained this portrait of me that I shared with you earlier in the year:

Love it!

Last... Purple Cows!

Have you heard of my "Snazzy Snacks"?  I've been doing them for about 6 years now.  Once a month, we make a snack in class.  Parents sign up at Open House night to provide the ingredients and when their turn rolls around, I send home a shopping list for them and they return everything we need!

Then we write the recipe in our best handwriting...

Then we make the snack and... enjoy it!

Here is a pic of our "Purple Cows" from yesterday...  It's vanilla ice cream and grape juice!

Want to learn more about Snazzy Snacks?  You can check out the page on my website and even download the recipes, handwriting sheets (for some of them), and other Snazzy Snack goodies!

Ok!  That's it for today.  Tomorrow is our county "Young Author's" celebration.  Each school has their 2nd-5th graders write stories and the students with the best stories get to travel to our ISD to meet an author and illustrator and spend the day in workshops with them.  

I am the coordinator for my school so I'll be spending the day with 11 kiddos from my building who wrote stories about a girl with a strawberry touch- everything she eats turns to strawberries (this is from the sweetie who made my bag for me!), a story about a crazy little brother, one where a student and I travel to the time of the dinosaurs, non-fiction about predators, a broken arm, hockey game, and one where a girl discovers she is actually the daughter of a Greek goddess, among other wonderful stories.  We're going to see the Michigan author Rhonda Gowler Greene who wrote this hilarious book:

I'm super excited!

Congrats again, Patty, and happy Tuesday to all!


  1. WOOO HOOOO!!! I won! Thank you! What a treat to see this! Thank you so much! You are AWESOME!
    I hope you have a great time at Young Author's Day. . . I think my son will be there with his students too. . . Look for a handsome young man who's about to become a dad in 5 more weeks. . . He's wearing quite a glow right now!!!
    Kudos to you!


    Second In Line

  2. My kids love that book, too! Jealous!


  3. That's such an adorable bag! What a talented seconder!

    Love your "Snazzy Snacks" idea. We do a cooking activity once per week for life skills, and occasionally we use recipes from Look 'n Cook by Mailbox. They do a great step by step and recipe review with the recipes.


  4. That bag is adorable. What a talented 2nd grader. I wish I knew how to sew like that!

    Sprinkle Teaching Magic


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