Monday, August 26, 2013

Finally Figured Out How to Use My Washi Tape!

So, I'll admit it.  I totally jumped on the Washi Tape bandwagon this summer with ZERO ideas or plans in place for how I'd use my tape.  I searched every craft store and bought every variety I could find.  Currently, they are sitting in a basket looking quite cute, but today I figured out a few ways to use it!

First- I decorated the binder clips I am using at my mailbox station!

Here's a close up.  I put the little name sticker on each clip and then a piece of Washi Tape to cuten it up!

I also marked off "boundaries" of sorts on my tables... I bought the name holders from Really Good Stuff and I'm super excited about having them... but I also know they are going to be shuffled around all day because I don't want to stick them down with the foam adhesive they came with.  So, I'm not sticking them down at all.  Instead, each end should rest on one piece of the tape!  See...

And here it is, gently resting on its place... creating peace, order, and personal space for all!

How do you use Washi Tape?  I need more ideas!!!!!


  1. I covered clothes pins with it to make them cute! :)
    ideas by jivey
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  2. I plan on using them to help with sorting journals (putting it around the binding of them) like I have seen on Pinterest. I love your idea of using them to keep kids in their own space!

    Primary Classrooms are Oceans of Fun

  3. I covered a clipboard with really cute tape this weekend. I have to carry one around with me so I thought it should be cute!

  4. Huh...I have never heard of this tape before. I love the green stripes...very cute!

    Mind Sparks

  5. I did the same thing with the binder clips on my mailboxes!

    Always an Adventure in Kindergarten

  6. I'm going to use it for outlining (making a table) our schedule up on the white board. Last year I used the blue painters tape but am so excited as the Washi tape is much narrower. Hope it stays cleaner too.

  7. are all ahead of me. I, first need to get the tape! Thanks for all the wonderful ideas!

  8. This totally made me giggle, I always think Washi tape is adorable but have yet to buy any because I don't know what to do with it, either! I love the idea of using it to set up boundaries for your name plate holders (brilliant! - I also use large tables instead of desks and am always trying new and different ways to put my nametags on tables!). I did something like Tchur8 described above to outline my schedule on the white board with green electrical tape (which I love and comes off super easily). You can see it in the video on my blog if you are interested but it looks like you are way ahead of me in figuring out Washi tape! ;)

    Lindsey at Forever First Grade

  9. All the keys on my laptop keyboard that aren't letters have a different piece on them. I did the binder clips too. I also did like Jivey and covered my clothes with them too. My pencil dispenser is covered in washi, and so are some pencil cups and stuff.

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  10. I also use it on clothespins for a bulletin board display and for my mailbox binder clips. :)

    I use tons of binder clips, so I've decorated them and labeled some for magazine boxes - copy, cut, laminate, etc. I use it on my laptop (to label it, since everyone in my school has the same one), notebooks, binders, etc. Basically anything I want to add a little fun or color gets it.

    I'm planning on using it on my white board, as well, but haven't done that yet. I've also seen pencils, pens, and markers decorated and/or labeled with it.

    I absolutely love washi tape - SO cute, inexpensive, and easy to remove!

    Maybe someone should host a washi tape linky! ;)

    Love. Learn. Teach.

  11. I just finished using them for the mailbox clips, too!! Your idea for the name plates is genius! My partner used it as a quick name tag on desks.
    Polka Dot Lesson Plans


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