Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ready for the First Day- Pics and Football!!!!!

Last night was Open House and it was so hot wonderful to meet my new students and to see my old ones too!

Today was another full day of working at school.  How can I still have full days of getting my room ready when I've been working it in for over a month?!  How?!  I don't mind.  I like being at school.  I get a lot of socializing done, that's for sure!

So... everything is ready for the first day on Tuesday.  I do have to go in on Monday just to make super duper uper sure that everything is ready and where I left it today!

Here's what my kiddos will see when they come in on Monday...

And *hopefully* they will read my note on the board and quietly find their seats where they will see this waiting...

They've all got a letter written by one of my last year's students waiting for them at their seats along with a picture of themself that they drew when we had a "step up" day in May!

While they read the letters and do some other morning type stuff, I'll be collecting supplies.  It's super simple... we do community supplies so they'll be dropping off their stuff in these bins...

You can find the small supply labels free at my TpT store!

I also added a few extra football fan fanatic things to my room.  When I say I'm a super fan, I'm not kidding folks.  I love me some Lions football!!!!!

So, I've got my Lions border up in my teacher area along with my Lions pin and Stephen Tulloch autograph!

And I've got my flag...

And... since I am Bunting, Books, and Bainbridge, there HAD to be a Lions bunting in my room!

I got the bulletin board border and the bunting from Eureka School's website.  They've got lots of teams!

Tomorrow I'll be spending my morning at the Secretary of State renewing my license.  Joy oh joy!  Saturday is C25K and then shopping with my sister... Sunday laundry, Monday stressing about Tuesday, and then... it's the first day!!!  Yahoo!!!


  1. Toooo Cute! Love all the bunting! The kiddos are gonna love your class! Thanks for the labels freebie!
    Keep 'em Thinking!

  2. I love your morning work for the first day- I think it will put them at ease to see something that is familiar to them! I have to look into Giants whole school is Eagles territory and I love to make my principal angry! :)

    Everyone deServes to Learn

  3. I also love going to school in the summer and visiting/working/making everything beautiful. I'll be thinking of you on our upcoming first day of school.
    Grade 4 Buzz

  4. Your posts and ideas always inspire me! :)

  5. Where did you get that lovely cloud paper over your window shades? I work in the computer lab in my school and have absolutely no windows. That would be perfect along a wall.

  6. Great room! Cheerful and vibrant. Have q great first day!


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