Saturday, November 30, 2013

An Accomplishing Saturday!

Today has been busy!  I finished a "Snapshots" pack for quick assessment, morning work, homework... whatever you need for 1st grade math... I am pretty psyched about it!  It's $1 off until tomorrow too!!!
Check it out on TpT!

When that was done, I took a little shopping trip!  I love to shop at Lane Bryant and everything in the store is 50% off this weekend!

I got some great stuff... including an outfit that is totally not me... but looked so cute I HAD to buy it!  I'll share a pic the first time I wear it... it's some super high boots, a cute tunic, and leggings!  I've never owned a pair of leggings... ok, maybe when I was like 12... but it's a pretty cute combination!

Do you wear leggings?  Give me some other outfit suggestions with them... because I really liked how it all looked together!


  1. Yes! I wear mine under a dress with boots. I use them instead of tights- they are just a little warmer! I have about 6 pairs of the same MK leggings (more like fitted yoga pants) that I wear all the time.

    Everyone deServes to Learn

  2. I love an accomplishing Saturday!! I also wear leggings and boots a lot!! I do dresses with them and long sweaters, too.

  3. I wear dresses with leggings and boots all the time! You're going to love them!


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