Sunday, November 24, 2013

Odds and Ends {file update, don't forget to enter, and this week in 3rd grade with something for you!...}

This is a random blog post.  The Lions lost a game they TOTALLY should have won today... in fact, they didn't just lose... at times it seems like they had gift wrapped a victory and handed it to the Buccaneers!  So I'm feeling a little jilted and sad!

So... just a bunch of randomness is about to ensue...

1.)  File update:
My "Christmas Around the World Flippy Books" have gotten a major update.  New fonts, new graphics... I'm really excited about the new look!  If you have them, please re-download.  I hope you'll like the update!

2.)  Don't forget to enter:
You can win a free year's subscription to Flocabulary!  Click the picture below to head over to find out what you have to do to enter.  It's an AMAZING website... I hope you'll check it out!

3.)  This week in 3rd grade:
We're departmentalized (which I love) but I also love random days around the holidays when I keep my own kids and we can do fun classroom things together.  On Monday, we're switching like usual.  Tuesday is fun stuff... throwing water balloons at the principal as an AR incentive, making pumpkin pie in a bag, watching the animated "Charlotte's Web" since we finished the book a few weeks ago... then no school till next week!

My ELA plans for Monday include taking a unit spelling test, adding spelling words to our dictionaries, talking about our upcoming Christmas Around the World research project (click to go to freebie!!!), and re-teaching how to identify verbs in sentences.  We assessed on this on Friday and my kids TOTALLY got the "identify whether a sentence is past, present, or future"... but the part where they had to find the verb in the sentence... not so much.  We'll be doing this verb tense game for extra practice.  I am so thankful for YOU all so it's free on TpT!

I'd love to hear what you think!

Happy TG week... I'll be back on Wednesday to announce the Flocabulary winner!!!


  1. Loins Lost...Did you see that the Packers TIED!?! That is how the game ended!!! Amber ~ Kindergarten Rocks

  2. thanks for the freebie! We don't go to school this week but I have it saved for next year!!



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