Monday, May 5, 2014

HUGE HUGE File Update!!! {Please Download the Pretty New Version!}

I love passing out awards in class... I pass out a few every Friday and it's a weekly tradition that my kiddos look forward to all week long.  I firmly believe that it is important to teach kids to celebrate the successes of others... not only that, but when I pass out awards on Friday, it gives me a chance to dote on a student for something he/she has done during the week and the other kiddos get to hear and vicariously learn the desired behaviors!

Anywho... every year I also do a big awards giveaway at the end of the year... but it's sometimes hard to come up with awards for everyone.  Problem solved!  A few years ago I made a pack of fillable End of the Year awards.  They were so cute and I loved them so much...

But, the pack just got a HUGE update and looks SO much better!

If you own my "End of the Year Awards", please go to TpT and re-download them.  The new pack is editable in Powerpoint so you can use your own favorite fonts/colors/sizes to type in students' names!!!!

Click the pick to head over and check them out!

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