Monday, September 12, 2011

An *almost* normal day!

We had our first *almost* normal day at school today where everything I planned got taught, behaviors are coming together, and we even had a few minutes at the end of the day for some free choice!

We have switched from DIBELS to Aims Web testing this year for our benchmark reading assessment. Would you care to share your opinions on Aims Web? I'd love to hear what others think... so far I don't have much of an opinion myself. It seems pretty similar to DIBELS. I did a few of my 2nd graders today and they seemed to do well... I'm going to tackle the first grade tests tomorrow!

So, that's the scoop!


  1. Our CEIS team uses AIMS Web to test all the kids in the school. Personally, I don't think it gives very much information. I rely more on running records and comprehension checks for keeping up with my students.

  2. Our reading specialists do the AIMS Web with everyone. Teachers also do PALS, which I think is a very Virginia thing (it's UVA based) and is more in depth, but honestly I think the scores (reading levels) are somewhat inflated. I agree with K. Mo that AIMS Web doesn't give a ton of info, but I think our district feels that it is more reliable than just PALS because our standardized test results in reading are similar. Hopefully that makes sense! Today was my 1st day, and I am fried! :) Glad you had a normal day! I'm looking forward to those! :)

  3. We switched to AIMS web last year and our Lit/Intervention Team swears by it. The only information it provides is their fluency/accuracy. I find my running records and comprehension assessments to be much more informative. It might be more useful if I could see the original document where the test giver jotted down notes about incorrectly read words - that way I could at least do a word analysis or something but since I never see that document I only have fluency to go on.

  4. We did AIMsweb literacy/reading for the past 2 years, & AIMsweb numeracy/math for the last year. It was really interesting information at first, but we got carried away with the testing, to the point that we weren't teaching. We've dialed back on the progress monitoring, so we'll just use it as a tool to check the effectiveness of our regular lessons & interventions. I could go on & on!


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