Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sharing on Sunday- Number practice and Science Journals

What a week! I feel like a first year teacher again more this year than I did last year when I started teaching a split class! I was at school for 6 hours today and could have stayed for 6 more... AND brought a ton home to work on too!

But, I haven't been on the blogging scene much this week, so I just wanted to share a freebie that my firsties will be working on this week...

Have a great week... we're starting a unit on life cycles as my neighbor teacher just had some butterflies emerge from their chrysalis' today while we were in... so my plan is to add some pics of our activities and our entries into our science notebooks!

OH- one more thing I thought I'd share... here is the cover for our science notebook! Hope you like it and can use it! I cut them apart and we are going to glue them on the front of composition books.

Enjoy! I'd love a comment if you use either of them! :)


  1. Thanks Christina! Where did you get the handwriting font you used here and in your Handwriting Book (Which I use every day as a part of morning work, BTW)?

    I really want to create some worksheets for when me students finish the handwriting book with their first and LAST names. SO many of my students cannot write their last names! I thought about including their address and telephone number so they can practice those important things as well.



  2. Hi Lacie! It's called "ABC Print Lined" and you can download it in dotted or in solid letters. I was grading my students' handwriting books tonight and was surprised at the number of kids who incorrectly write their names and am just about to work on a "first/last name" page for each kid too!


  3. Thanks so much for sharing! I'm definitely going to take the student name idea to print out for students to practice too :)

  4. Some of my 2nd graders could even use some extra practice writing numbers.

  5. I love these science notebook covers!! SO cute!! Although I'm not a teacher yet, I will definitely hang on to these to use next year!!! Thanks for sharing!!


  6. Science book covers are super cute! I grabbed your number practice! thanks!

  7. Love the science notebook covers! We start taking those to science lab soon and my class will have the cutest thanks to you! :)

  8. These are adorable! Thanks! I make journal covers and I print them on large avery labels...they work out well.
    Thanks again!
    Hilary :)

  9. I love it! May I ask where did you get for the My Science Notebook Cover. Thanks!

  10. Thank you for the number practice worksheet! Your blog is wonderful :)


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